Why Buy at Davey Auto Sales in Oshawa?

You have many choices across Oshawa and Ontario at-large for your used vehicle needs, but there’s no need to venture any farther than our Davey Auto Sales dealership. Why buy your used vehicle at Davey Auto Sales? Enjoy high-quality, hand-picked vehicles, the cleanest you’ll find across Oshawa. Our quick and easy financing department can work with any credit background, finding you a financing plan that fits your budget. An extensive Davey Warranty Program covers your vehicle against the unknown. Over 40 years in the business means we’re a local independent business that you can trust and count on. Read on and explore even more reasons why buying at Davey Auto Sales is the best choice in Oshawa for your next used car, truck, SUV or van!

Davey Value Program

The Davey Value Program provides an extensive range of services and top tier features that ensure you get the best quality vehicles, at a great price and with fantastic coverage.
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Hand-Picked, High Quality Variety of Vehicles:

Variety is key, and Oshawa is filled with people who need a vehicle for a wide range of needs. Whether that be commuting, young families, students, business owners, retirees or other, we have the perfect vehicle for you. Not only that, but each of our vehicles are hand-picked, ensuring you always have the best selection to choose from.
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Cleanest Used Cars:

From our proprietary dry cleaning process to our always showroom-ready vehicles, you’ll drive home in one of the cleanest used cars across Oshawa.
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Speciality Finance Department:

It doesn’t matter the type of credit you walk into our dealership with, our skilled finance team can find a vehicle for you and an auto loan that works within your needs.
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Davey Warranty Program:

Even more value is added on to your clean used car thanks to our Davey Warranty programs. You’ll drive with confidence knowing you’re covered under this extensive warranty protection.

Used Vehicle Cost Savings

New vehicles may come with a nice sheen, factory warranty and all of the latest tech, but also with a hefty price tag that may not make many of its features and ability worth it to you. Especially since as soon as you drive a new vehicle off the lot it depreciates in value, and does so the most in the first few years. You’re buying new but losing money on its value, when you could save and get a quality used vehicle here at Davey Auto Sales for much less. As well, insurance rates are usually lower for used vehicles, and if you’re younger this can be a great benefit. A new car may be nice in the moment, but the cost savings of a used car make the pre-owned option worth it in the long run.

Online Specials

A Trusted Dealership Experience

Online marketplaces are growing in popularity, but when it comes to one of the biggest purchases you’ll make in your life in the form of a vehicle, the dealership experience still can’t be beat. Some of a dealership’s top advantages over buying privately include:
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This may be the biggest plus over buying privately, all of the many financing options we’re able to set you up with at our dealership. We work with a wide selection of lenders, and can formulate plans to meet your budget.
Car mechanic fixing bottom of vehicle:


It’s hard to know the exact quality of a vehicle when buying privately, and you may not know what to look for when examining it. At our Davey Auto Sales dealership, not only do we have a trained staff to assist, but our vehicles come with CarProof reports and extended warranty available to provide even further coverage.
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Not only are our used cars the cleanest in Oshawa, but they’ve been inspected to meet our high standards before they’re even put out to be sold.
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Don’t worry about organizing private meet-ups and having to deal with a stranger, our dealership shopping purchase puts your safety first, where you can always trust in our team, professional and caring throughout the entire process.

Our Long-Tenured Legacy

In today’s world it’s harder than ever to maintain an independent business, and we’re happy to be stronger than ever, serving the Oshawa area for their used vehicle needs. We’ve been in business since 1977, over 40 years of providing top tier service to our local community. Our team has learned a lot over those years, fine-tuning our processes and ensuring you receive top-notch service when looking for that perfect used vehicle. There’s a reason why people continually choose Davey Auto Sales after all these years, and our decades-long legacy is another example of this thanks to our loyal customers.

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If the above sounds like the dealership for you and your next used vehicle, we’d love to hear from you! We believe that Everybody Drives, meaning that everybody deserves a vehicle, and no matter your financial situation we’ll make sure you find one that you love. Family-owned and operated, Davey Auto Sales is proud to be Oshawa’s go-to source for the best in high quality, clean and reliable used vehicles!