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Why Buy from a Dealership vs. Privately?

You have a choice ahead of you when looking to buy a vehicle, doing so with a dealership or privately? Buying from a dealership comes with a host of benefits that make it the easy route to take when looking for your next used vehicle, so much so that we’ve outlined them for you below. Thanks to vehicle choice, quality, price range, financing options, safety and much more, it’s an easy choice to make to buy from a dealership than privately. Read on with us at Davey Auto Sales as we go in-depth on these reasons, and explore the main differences and benefits from shopping at a dealership vs. a private seller.

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Vehicle Choice & Quality

When you shop privately it can be a lot harder to find a vehicle that you truly want. There’s a lot that goes into a vehicle, including vehicle type, make, model, year, which is a lot to find to your specifications in something so important as a vehicle purchase. Shopping at a dealership means you’re met with a wide selection of inventory, covering a broad range of type, make, model and year in their used section. Not only will you get your own choice of vehicle to buy, but they’ll all be of the best quality possible, and with the ability to be further covered with assistance programs like warranty plans. 

A Price Range

Finding a vehicle you like is important, yes, but what should primarily be driving your used vehicle search is something that fits within your budget. You shouldn’t be reaching beyond your means for a vehicle you really want if you won’t be able to afford it in the long run. Shopping at  a used dealership means finding a vehicle that matches your budget will be a simple task. This is both thanks to the wide-ranging prices of vehicles on the lot, but also the many financing options that are available to help you pay off your vehicle on terms that work for you.

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Dedicated Financing Options

Buying from a dealership offers a ton of different financing options, in not only how you’d like to pay, but ensuring you’re able to within your month-to-month budget. Dealership finance teams are incredibly skilled and have been working in the industry for years, especially here at Davey Auto Sales, which means they’re able to secure terrific rates for you through financing, help you through cash payments, take on your trade-in price and more in helping you customize a payment plan that saves time and money when making your purchase.

Experience & Safety of the Dealership Process

When it all comes down to it, a dealership provides a safe and experienced environment to purchase, whereas buying privately means you’re stepping into the unknown with an inexperienced seller, who isn’t well versed in the industry, and where you’ll be dealing on unfamiliar ground. At a dealership like ours here at Davey Autos Sales, we’ve been in the business since 1977, with skilled salespeople and a finance team who have years of experience helping people just like you. Our dealership provides the perfect safe and secure environment to browse vehicles as well as get every other aspect of the purchase done, all in one place.

Purchase Your Next Used Vehicle at Davey Auto Sales

Make your next used vehicle purchase as easy as can be and do so here at Davey Auto Sales. We provide the cleanest used cars in Oshawa, across a deep selection of makes, models and years. Our finance team will ensure your purchase fits in with your monthly budget, and we’ll all endeavour to do so in a customer-first environment that will guide you every step of the way through the process. If you have any questions about our used vehicles, or just want to buy your desired model now, please don’t hesitate to reach out.