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Frustrated by New Vehicle Shortages? Buy Used!

Were you looking for a new vehicle but quickly got frustrated by the lack of options and inventory? We understand your pain, but even during this time you should be able to get the vehicle you want. When you need a vehicle, you need it now, and if the new vehicle shortage has left you with little to no options, there’s plenty available when you shop used! Our used inventory at Davey Auto Sales is fully stocked, not only with high quality vehicles, but across a variety of the best brands and all like-new. Just because it’s a used vehicle doesn’t mean you can’t get something that’s practically new. If you’re a frustrated new car buyer, enjoy a stress-free experience here at Davey Auto Sales and choose buying a like-new used vehicle instead!

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Why Buy Used?

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Why is There a New Vehicle Inventory Shortage?

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everybody’s lives to a multitude of degrees, including businesses worldwide. With how far-reaching the automotive industry is across the globe, it was inevitable that the pandemic would affect it in a variety of ways throughout many of its divisions. As factories had to shut down or operate with less people, materials were harder to procure, thus affecting the level of production that was the norm. Even as some automotive production workplaces today are able to move closer and closer back to normal, supply chain issues are still providing a huge bump in the road for new vehicle production. A global shortage of computer chips, which are in huge demand given how commonplace they are in everything from vehicles to home electronics, is causing the most immediate, current delay. While the economy may be opening up and people antsy for a new vehicle, the desired stock may just not be there for potential new buyers.

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Used Vehicle Inventory is Plentiful, and Like-New!

The beauty of used vehicles is that they’re already made! No having to wait on stock to be produced, they all exist now at our dealership. Many get the wrong idea about used vehicles, thinking of them as old, low quality vehicles in poor condition, but that could not be further from the truth. At Davey Auto Sales, we only source the best quality vehicles, inspecting them to make sure they’re of top standard before they’re put out on our lot. Our proprietary cleaning method ensures you’ll enjoy the cleanest used cars across Oshawa, that are just like-new. Not only do we stock all of the top car, SUV, truck and minivan brands at our dealership like Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford and many more, but the majority of our vehicles are from the recent 2019, 2020 and 2021 model years. Why shop for an expensive new vehicle that may not even be available when you can buy a used vehicle you want at a great price!

Get a Used Vehicle at Davey Auto Sales, Fast & Efficiently

We have like-new used vehicles that can be prepared within a week’s time. Our family-run dealership guarantees you’ll get a personal and focused shopping experience, where we’ll walk you through the process every step of the way. If you’ve had a new vehicle deal fall out because of a new vehicle shortage, forget that stress and get a used vehicle fast and efficiently here at Davey Auto Sales. From our quick approval process to our hands-on assistance, coupled with our vast inventory of vehicles, we know that Everybody Drives and at Davey Auto Sales you’ll be met with the best.
If you’re ready to start the used vehicle shopping experience for yourself, just want to browse our inventory, or maybe have a few questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we’re always here to help!

Jun 15th, 2021