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How to Maximize Your Car’s Resale Value

If you want to sell your car and want money in your hands now, it can be done, but there’s a few easy things you can do to maximize the value of your vehicle as much as possible. Whether you’ve been taking care of your vehicle properly throughout its life or not, there’s always things you can do to expertly get it ready for sale, and have it sparkling and shining in its best condition to net you a healthy sum in return. From repairs to touch-ups to upgrades to a deep clean and more, explore below our top 5 tips on how to maximize your car’s value for sale.

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Take Care Of Your Vehicle Throughout Its Life

Our first tip is hopefully something you’ve been doing all along throughout ownership of your vehicle, consistently taking care of it. Whether that be getting regular service, having any needed minor or major repairs done, or treating it to consistent cleaning and detailing. Keeping up on your vehicle and ensuring it’s always in top shape makes it so it’ll be close to sale-ready at all times, whereas if you don’t you may have to scramble and put a lot of money and time in to get your vehicle looking its best if you’ve neglected it over the years. 

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Repairs, Touch-Ups & Upgrades

Any major repairs that your vehicle needed should already be done, but if you’ve been holding back on minor repairs that may not affect the safety or drive of the vehicle, this is the perfect time to get them done and help increase the vehicle’s overall resale value. As well, there’s most likely some scuffs and scrapes across your vehicle that you just haven’t bothered to touch up, but you’re in the ideal position now to get those pesky dings, scratches and marks fixed and polished. Maybe everything is looking great on your vehicle, take this opportunity to make it even better with some quality upgrades, items as simple as new floor mats, seat covers or even an updated stereo system can do wonders for your vehicle’s value.

Clean Your Vehicle

Your vehicle may be in great working order, but does it look and smell its best? Unfortunately, cars can get dirty quickly, so take this time to get your vehicle looking its absolute best with a deep clean to leave the inside and outside sparkling. Yes, you should make sure to do both the interior and exterior, don’t neglect one or the other, and make sure to do a good job, now is not the time to cut corners. Maybe previously you’ve just done a quick wipe-down and vacuum of your vehicle, but when selling, invest in some proper quality cleaning products and time to get the job done right. If you don’t feel like putting your own elbow grease to work you can always get it professionally cleaned.

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Check the Tires

Often overlooked, but one of the most important parts of a vehicle, both when driving and just off appearance alone. An immaculately clean and well-conditioned vehicle can immediately be nullified if it’s sat on some old, worn down tires. If you’re able to, invest in some new tires, or outfit it with a clean set of your own, that both look great and are in terrific condition to tackle the elements. A bit more of an expensive investment when selling your vehicle, but which can be a huge boon in increasing its value for sale.

Have All of Your Documentation in Order

Hopefully you’ve been keeping your vehicle’s documentation in order throughout your ownership of it, but if not this is the time to get all the documents you can, whether to prove its maintenance history throughout the years or the necessary items needed for sale. Properly filled out paperwork can cut down on a lot of hassle and time (a part of the process we know you don’t want extended any longer than it needs to).

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