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What Are the Advantages of Buying a Used Vehicle?

For whatever reasons, many people often have a less than favourable opinion of buying used, and may just not understand the many advantages that come with purchasing a used vehicle, and doing so from a reputable dealership. We here at Davey Auto Sales are here to outline the many top benefits of why buying a used car is a perfect choice for any prospective buyer, from cost to long-term investment to selection to getting exactly what you want. Buying a pre-owned model checks every box for your next vehicle, so follow along with us as we outline these top advantages.

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Value Cost

This is the big one right off the bat. Whether you can’t afford the high price of a new vehicle, or just simply don’t want to, you’ll easily be able to find a high quality vehicle that’s at the price point you’re comfortable with. It doesn’t matter if it’s only around $13,000 or much higher, you’re always making a cost effective purchase when it comes to a used vehicle.

Smart Investment

We all know how much new vehicles depreciate as soon as you drive them off the lot, and while used vehicles do depreciate, it’s at a much slower rate than new vehicles. What does that mean for you? That equals you being able to maintain a higher value on your vehicle throughout ownership, and thus if and when you’re ready to sell you’ll be able to sell it and regain more of your money back than an equivalent from a previously new vehicle resale.

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Stick to Your Budget

Shopping for a vehicle can get unruly when you have a budget that you want to stick to, where suddenly you see yourself stretching beyond your means when viewing the latest and greatest new vehicle, ballooning your budget with additional features and add-ons. Shopping used means if you have a price point you need to stick to, you’ll be able to find a vehicle for that price, and a wide selection of options from different brands and vehicle types.

Variety of Selection

There are so many great vehicles out there in the world, and when it comes time to find your next one you don’t want to limit yourself to a specific brand, type or model year. New vehicle dealerships largely carry one brand with new models from the last couple of years, a very small range of selection. Used dealerships such as ours here at Davey Auto Sales, carry a wide range of brands, from traditional to luxury, vehicle types from car to SUV to pickup to van, and model years from as recent as last year to a decade ago. Give yourself the ultimate benefit of choice and shop used.

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High Quality Options

Another reason that people don’t always think fondly of buying used cars is that they have a preconceived notion that used vehicles aren’t in that great of quality, and can’t be relied upon. While that may depend dealership to dealership, what we can promise from our Davey Auto Sales dealership is that the only used vehicles we put up for sale have been properly vetted for quality, being hand-picked and inspected before they are made available to customers, and all have undergone a top quality cleaning process, meaning you’ll drive home with one of the cleanest vehicles across Oshawa. When you shop used you may just be surprised at how many high quality and low kilometre models are at your choosing.

Find your Specific Desired Model

A vehicle purchase is one of the biggest purchases in a person’s life. A purchase that big means that you deserve to get exactly what you want, and not settling for second-best just because you weren’t able to source what you truly wanted. Shopping used means it’s easier to find your dream car. Did you love that style of Civic from a decade ago, or does a 2015 F-150 just fit you more right than the newer models? Whatever specific vehicle you want, used lets you find your ultimate dream car, so you can be happy every time you sit inside, and not regret your choice each time you lay your eyes on it.
Buying a used vehicle in 2021 is such a completely different experience from even a few years ago, and one that offers a wide range of benefits that deserve to be known to the common buyer. No matter the stage of life you’re in, how much money you may have, or what you’re interested in, buying used comes with advantages that are specifically primed for your situation. If you have any questions, want to learn more about the buying process, or are ready to drive home with a new-to-you vehicle, we’re always here to assist at Davey Auto Sales.

Oct 18th, 2021