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5 Top Tips for Buying a Used Vehicle

There’s a lot that goes into the process of buying a used vehicle, but it doesn’t have to be as daunting as it may seem, especially when you shop from a dealership that is ready to help you every step of the way. We’ve gathered together our top 5 tips across the vehicle buying process to make your purchase go smoothly, and so that you drive home with a vehicle you want, in great condition and that fits within your budget. Follow along with us at Davey Auto Sales as we go over determining a price range/financing options, researching the vehicle for you, inspection, test driving and getting all your paperwork in order. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll enjoy your most stress-free car buying experience yet.

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Determine a Price Range & Financing Options

Buying a car is an exciting time, with a wide range of options at your fingertips and many options able to be slotted in as your new dream car. But as much as it’d be great to drive home in any model you desire, you first need to set a realistic price range and determine what vehicle you’ll be able to comfortably purchase, not only now but well into the future. Getting approved for financing at our dealership is an easy process, and easily lets you see what kind of vehicle you can fit into a monthly payment plan. Once you’ve determined your financing options and a price range to work from, then comes the fun stuff.

Research a Vehicle That Fits Your Needs

Be sure to research and find a vehicle that you truly want. Your price range and financing options may have limited your pool, but a dealership inventory still has a wide range of options with different vehicle types to suit your needs. Utilize both online and in-person methods to get a feel of what type of vehicle you want, and that fits your lifestyle. Choosing a vehicle that you’ll actually take full advantage of is a crucial part, so don’t buy a truck if you’re not going to use it to its full potential, and skip out on getting a large SUV if you don’t need all that passenger and cargo space, select to your means.

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Inspect & View Vehicle History Report

Once you’ve found the perfect vehicle for you, do your due diligence and thoroughly inspect and test that model. Buying from a dealership, especially from ours here at Davey Auto Sales, already guarantees a certain high level of quality from the vehicle, but it’s important to verify it with your own eyes. This includes going over the vehicle history report and knowing what the used vehicle has gone through throughout its life. Here at Davey Auto Sales the CarProof report that comes attached to our used vehicles gives you the full rundown.

Test Drive the Vehicle

Test driving the vehicle is another key aspect of the “inspection” part of the process, you want to know how it actually feels driving and operating, after all. Drive the vehicle like you realistically would any vehicle of yours, go through a route you might typically take on your day-to-day commute. Not only should you test all its systems, like braking, parking, cornering, accelerating, changing lanes and more, but you shouldn’t forget to go through all of the onboard console buttons and make sure they work as you desire but also to make sure its layout and functionality will work for you day in and day out.

Ensure All Paperwork & Documents are Complete

Next comes making sure all of your paperwork and documents are in order and exchanged for the purchase of the vehicle. These important pieces not only include the UVIP, vehicle permit and bill of sale on purchase, but also further documents that are up to you to square away after you’ve bought the vehicle. This includes registration for legal ownership in the province, insurance and making sure your license plate is up-to-date and with the proper valid stickers. Once all the documents and paperwork are filled away, it’s time to drive!

Buy a Used Vehicle at Davey Auto Sales

All of these tips are meant to help you make your next used vehicle purchase as easy and as focused as possible, and doing so here at Davey Auto Sales provides you with even more help every step-of-the-way. Our transparent process puts you first, where we’ll happily walk you through every facet of the purchase, and answer any questions along the way. Ready to start the process? We’d love to help make your next purchase at Davey Auto Sales the smoothest vehicle purchase you’ve ever had.

Aug 30th, 2021