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Everybody Drives, and why not make that with a used truck from your local Oshawa used pickup dealer here at Davey Auto Sales? We proudly stock all of the top truck brands, from Ford to Ram to Chevrolet, and offer a deep selection of options for any budget. The cleanest vehicles you can buy, and always inspected to ensure they operate at a top level, you can trust in each and every used truck you see in our inventory. Browse our current lineup, and take advantage of our reasons and tips that might help convince you a truck is for you, and how to best shop for one at Davey Auto Sales!

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All of the Top Pickup Brands at Davey Auto Sales

Ford, Ram, Chevrolet, GMC, Nissan, and so much more, they’re all available for you at Davey Auto Sales in Oshawa. We only stock the best quality and highest standard of trucks in our used inventory, all available for you to shop and explore. Our wide variety of options gives you a deep selection of choices for you to decide between, no matter the kind of pickup you’re after, large or small. While all of our pickups succeed in being powerful, equipped for towing, stylish, safe and technologically-advanced, every model is specially highlighted in their own ways. Looking for the utmost in classic truck luxury? Take a look through our Ram 1500 Classic options. Want a truck loaded with features? Browse the iconic F-150. Like unique style on your pickup? Drive home in a Frontier. Whatever you desire out of a truck, we have it for you at Davey Auto Sales!

Top Reasons to Buy a Used Truck

The beauty of shopping for used vehicles at a dealership like ours is that there’s so many different kinds of options, from body style to brand, all coming in at an excellent price. Maybe you hadn’t even thought about a truck but you’ve seen one that really interests you. A truck is the perfect vehicle to buy pre-owned, coming with a wide set of reasons that make it better to buy used than new.
Front side view of Ford F-150 in red driving through a mud puddle


Trucks are built to withstand the toughest of elements, and engineered to take on hard jobs, day in and day out. We know your biggest concern with buying a used vehicle is how reliable will the vehicle be and how long can you depend on it for? With a truck you don’t have to have that worry, it was built for this, durable and reliable options that can withstand a ton of wear and tear and still remain tough, to haul and tackle off-road conditions for years to come.
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We’ve all seen those exorbitant sticker prices for brand-new pickups, and you can’t be blamed for not wanting to spend that. That still doesn’t satiate your want for that pickup, though, and a used truck helps you better afford one, at a much lesser price. Even recent models from a few years ago come at greatly reduced prices, and when buying from the quality of Davey Auto Sales you’ll buy a pre-owned option and swear it’s like-new.
Woman stepping up into a truck cargo bed

Loaded Features

Not only are trucks expensive just on their base level, but so are all the features and packages able to be added on. That’s one of the beauties of driving a pickup, all of the available accessories and features able to be upgraded. Whether it’s saving money on the added features that already come on the used truck, or having that extra money due to its cheaper price that you can now add-on what you please, a truck comes with a ton of upgrade options. Whether for safety, convenience, off-roading or more, take advantage of a used truck and your ability to easily get the features you want at a great price.
Close-up of a blue truck and its grille

Less Depreciation

You’ll save right off the bat when buying a used pickup, but so will you into the future. Purchasing a used truck is an investment, and though depreciation hits every vehicle, you’re getting a vehicle that has already taken its largest hit even before you buy it as yours. Since there’s so many different options of trucks, and with their incredible reliability, you’ll still be able to maintain a pre-owned truck that won’t lose a lot of its value should you want to resell it.

Tips for Shopping for a Used Pickup

A lot goes into shopping for your next used vehicle, and our staff here at Davey Auto Sales can help assist you in making the right choice for your needs. Below are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a used truck, to help you make the best and more informed purchase.
A group of friends loading bicycles in the back of a pickup

Know What You'll Use

We often can’t help ourselves from gravitating toward the biggest and the best, and that’s especially true when it comes to trucks. When you’re looking to buy a used truck, buy within your means and what you’d actually use it for. If you’re not going to be using it to tow or be on the jobsite, something like a Ram 3500 wouldn’t be the best option for you. Luckily, with trucks, there’s so many different types, from style to build, and you’ll always be able to find something that suits your needs.
Front of Ram 1500 hauling a tractor

Check for Truck-specific Features

While we at Davey Auto Sales only procure the best used inventory for our customers to buy, and the cleanest vehicles you’ll find in Oshawa that have been thoroughly inspected, we invite you to do your own inspection. Take note of specific truck features and maintenance history, especially ones that enjoy consistent use, like its 4x4 system, suspension, bed and towing hitch.
Hands gripped on a steering wheel

Take it For a Test Drive

As well just to give you a preview of how your next truck rides, there’s a ton of systems and features loaded into each and every truck, so make sure you test it out. Run through them all, to ensure they work to your standard and that you feel comfortable operating everything inside.

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There’s no better place in Oshawa to drive home in a top quality used truck than from us at Davey Auto Sales. If you have a specific model in mind, or just need assistance shopping for the perfect pickup, don’t hesitate to reach out and see how we can help!

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