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SUVs and crossovers are fast becoming one of the most popular vehicle types. There’s a reason why almost every vehicle manufacturer has multiple models of SUVs, from big to small, from city-focused to off-road-ready, for single commuters and families, and everything in-between. An SUV is for anyone, their versatility fit to match whatever you require out of a vehicle, providing the best of the worlds of cars, vans and pickups. With the maneuverability of a car, combined with the storage/passenger space of a van and the power potential of a pickup, an SUV offers it all. At Davey Auto Sales, we have a huge inventory of used SUVs for you to browse and purchase. Learn how to get the most out of your used SUV shopping experience below, then visit our Oshawa dealership, online or in-person, for unparalleled service.

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All of the Top SUV Brands at Davey Auto Sales

Browsing our used SUV inventory here at Davey Auto Sales allows you to have your pick of all of the top brands. Since SUVs are so popular and massively produced, there’s a ton of options not only across the brands but within each to find the SUV that truly fits your lifestyle. Explore Ford, Toyota, Jeep, Nissan, Kia, Chevrolet and many others, even luxury models like Cadillac to find the model for you. All of our vehicles are hand-picked, and will be some of the cleanest vehicles you see in Oshawa, a high standard we hold our dealership and vehicles to.

Any SUV Type To Match Your Needs

Subcompact, compact, midsize, full-size, it doesn’t matter what size of SUV you’re looking for, we’ll have it for you at Davey Auto Sales. As much as we pride ourselves on the vast variety of brands we carry, so do we with the various types of vehicles, from cars to vans to pickups to our vast selection of SUV body styles. If you’re not sure what body type is best for you, our sales staff will be more than happy to help you make a decision and match you to an SUV that checks every box.

Top Reasons to Buy a Used SUV

A new SUV may seem intriguing, that is until you realize you can get the vast majority of what a new model offers but at a fraction of the price when you buy used. Explore our top reasons why buying a used SUV is a great choice, including its value, loaded features, versatility and longevity!
Matte black Jeep driving off road

Exceptional Value for the Price:

One of the greatest draws of an SUV is all that’s jam-packed in each vehicle. SUVs are all about versatility, and so comes a variety of features that offer so much for every kind of driver. From style to performance to comfort to passenger and cargo capacity/storage to tech and safety systems, whatever you need out of a vehicle an SUV can provide it. Since you’re buying a used model you’re getting all of those same advantages, just at a much lesser price than buying new. Nowadays, with modern vehicles, even an SUV that’s only a few years old still contains a ton of modern and fresh features and systems to satisfy your needs.
Interior of a Toyota SUV


It’s one of the top reasons to buy any used vehicle, but it’s so important that it bears repeating here. This is especially true when we think of those who may buy a top-of-the-line luxury SUV with loaded features, only to see it lose a huge chunk of its value as soon as it leaves the lot. Let somebody else take that big hit on the depreciation of the vehicle and enjoy a used SUV with all of the features and advantages you want, without that new vehicle price tag.
Lineup of SUVs parked in a parking lot


No matter the kind of driver you are, or what you’re looking for in a vehicle, there’s an SUV for you. Just commuting in the city? Try a smaller crossover that’s nimble on city streets. Want to venture into the country and go off-roading on the weekends? There’s options with AWD and models specifically primed for rough environments, like Jeeps. Have a big family that you need to transport around? Three-row SUVs provide all the space you need for kids and cargo.
Person sticking their head and upper body out of an SUV


Vehicles are being built better than ever, to last longer than they ever have. Whether that means feeling peace-of-mind knowing that even if you see your dream used vehicle with a lot of kilometres on it that it’ll still last for you, or knowing that buying used won’t mean you’ll have to find another car again soon, you’ll be all set. This also means that even if you’re buying a used vehicle from a few years ago, most likely it will still be in top condition, but coming in at that lower price.

Tips For Shopping for a Used SUV

Shopping for a used SUV is much like shopping for any used vehicle, but there’s a few extra things to keep in mind. From knowing exactly what type of SUV you want/will actually use, to looking out for some SUV-specific features on inspection, explore a few of our highlighted tips on what to look out for when starting your used SUV purchasing journey.
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Research What Kind of SUV You Want:

There are a lot of SUVs out there, ones built for the city, for the off-road, for families and so much more. Research and look into the exact type of SUV you want, and buy within your means. Don’t buy a huge SUV with tons of passenger and cargo space if you’re never going to use it.
Family packing luggage in the trunk of an SUV

Look for Special Features:

Similarly to knowing what type of SUV you want, if there’s specific features you want out of it, which some SUVs do better than others, make certain you know which ones have your desired systems. If you’re looking to go off-roading, make sure your desired model can accomplish what you want to get out of it, with features like all-wheel drive. If you’re going to be going on weekend trips to the cottage with your family, know that your SUV will have the towing capacity to easily bring along your toys.
Person inspecting under the hood of an orange SUV


Inspections are always key, but in a vehicle like an SUV that has so many offerings from performance to cargo to tech and more, you must do a thorough inspection to make sure everything is in order and to your liking. Know the SUV you’re looking at, if it’s an off-road-focused vehicle, ensure that you put specific focus on any related systems, especially ones that may have been used heavily in the past by the previous owner.
Person smiling while driving an SUV

Test Drive:

The beauty of the test drive is that you get to have some fun and take this new-to-you vehicle out for a ride, but also are able to check on all its systems at the same time. A big one when it comes to large vehicles like an SUV is ensuring it’s able to fit in parking spaces that you need it to, and that you can easily manage the parking job in a larger vehicle than you may be used to. You and your family will be spending a lot of time in your SUV, so ensure it fits all of your needs, and feels comfortable when out on the road.

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