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Buying a used minivan comes down to finding the features, systems and qualities that matter most to you and your family. A minivan is a family vehicle, after all, with many modern options that provide everything from passenger/cargo space to modern tech to advanced safety systems to engine power and efficiency. There are a lot of factors that go into making an informed minivan purchase that prioritizes every member of your family, but that’s what we at Davey Auto Sales are here for! Read on with our used minivan buying guide and find a minivan that offers all that you need!

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Top Minivan Brands at Davey Auto Sales

We pride ourselves on the quality of vehicles we offer in our used inventory at Davey Auto Sales. Every vehicle has been hand-picked and inspected before it goes on our lot, and thanks to our proprietary dry-cleaning methods you’ll be browsing a selection of some of the cleanest vehicles found in Oshawa. Buying from a used dealership like ours means you can enjoy a wide selection of the top minivan brands, from Honda to Dodge, and if we don’t have what you’re looking for we can help you find exactly what you want!

Top Reasons to Buy a Used Minivan

Do you need a top-level companion to make family life a bit less hectic? Enter the classic minivan, which provides comprehensive utility and in today’s models come as stylish as ever as an essential member of your family. From its great value price point, loaded features, wide options and durability in the face of both your kids and Ontario weather, here are a few of our top reasons why a used minivan may be perfect for you and your family.
Beige and gray front interior of a minivan


Like all other vehicles, minivans see a quick depreciation, and mostly off of the first few years. What this means as a used minivan shopper is that you can get a relatively new model year minivan, with all of the comfort, tech, safety and convenience features you want, coming at a much lesser price than buying new. Minivans of even just a few years ago are still loaded with tons of features for any family, and are built to withstand the rigors of kids and long road trips.
Person placing a baby stroller in the back of a white minivan

Loaded Features at a Great Price:

Minivans already come at a relatively affordable price, and when you realize all that’s included in a van it becomes increasingly clear why it’s an essential purchase for your family. Not only do you get massive passenger and cargo space for your kids and gear, but it’s also primed with top modern features for safety, connectivity, entertainment and more.
Lineup of minivans parked in a parking lot

More Options:

Don’t limit yourself to shopping and only having a few options to look at. Shopping for a used minivan opens up not only more brand options, but previous year and trim models as well. When looking for that perfect minivan, it needs to fit your entire family, not just you, so having all of these used options for your benefit can help you find that perfect minivan for your family that may not exist in the new crop.
Silver minivan parked on a beach shore


Worried about if your minivan can hold up to the demands of kids and the constant grind of family life? Minivans are built to last, not only because modern vehicle manufacturing has advanced so far, but because designers and engineers have tailored these vehicles to their specific purpose of multi-faceted convenience matched to durability that can take on any environment, from rough roads to rambunctious kids.

Tips For Shopping for a Used Minivan

When shopping for a minivan it’s not only just you, the driver, that you have to keep in mind, but the potential of everybody else onboard. If you’re buying a minivan to make family life easier, you’ll want to look out for some specifics in the minivan: seating arrangement/comfort, cargo capacity, safety and efficiency as highlights. Keep everybody in your family in mind and utilize these tips of what to look out for when shopping for a used minivan.
Black and gray minivan interior


With captain’s chair seat styles and bench row designs, and comfortability that will hold up over long trips, there can be a lot to look for regarding the seating look and feel of a minivan. Minivans offer the ultimate in a comfortable passenger ride for many, a home away from home, so ensure the set-up, comfort and amenities are up to your desired standard for you and your family.
Blue minivan with gear packed in the back

Storage Capacity:

Just like with your passengers, you’ll want to make sure your desired minivan will be able to take on all of the gear and cargo you need it to. Whether for a road trip, camping weekend or hockey practice, explore each minivan’s cargo options, from in-floor storage to roof racks to versatile cargo arrangements.
Child in a booster seat in a minivan

Safety Systems:

With your kids and family onboard, safety is paramount in your vehicle. Buying a modern used minivan ensures that it’ll be loaded with a plethora of safety features, but make sure you go over all of them and confirm it has any specifics that you may be looking for, like a back-up camera, collision warning, blind spot warning and more.
Navy blue minivan driving on a bridge

Engine & Efficiency:

Engine power may not be one of the first things that jumps to your mind when it comes to buying a minivan, but it’s still important even if you’re not going to be using it for towing. Most modern minivans are deceptively powerful, and offer generous fuel efficiency. Pay special attention to the fuel economy of the minivan, and even look at exploring hybrid options if efficiency is a big feature for you. As well, more and more minivans are offering all-wheel drive, another essential system for driving in Canada.
Person test driving a minivan and holding keys out of the window

Inspection & Test Drive:

As you should inspect and test drive every vehicle you’re interested in, a minivan may require a little bit more attention. It isn’t going to be just you, the driver, who spends a lot of time in it, so will your kids and other family members. Make sure to inspect the entire vehicle, from inside to out, and ensure the seating and comfortability requirements in the rear are up to your standards. Bring along your car seats or kids on your test drive to ensure they fit and enjoy the vehicle as much as you do.

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