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Our motto here at Davey Auto Sales is Everybody Drives, and no matter what type of vehicle that may be, we provide a wide variety at our Oshawa dealership. Cars come in many different shapes and sizes, from sedans to coupes to hatchbacks, and a variety of brands that serve every driver differently. Shopping for your next used car at Davey Auto Sales means a great selection of the top brands, and at a family-run business who prioritizes your comfort and care throughout the entire process, from financing to selection to driving off our lot. If you need a little bit of help on what to look for in a pre-owned car, read on below, or don’t hesitate to reach out to our team, who’re always happy to help!

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All of the Top Car Brands at Davey Auto Sales

Shopping for a used car at a dealership like ours means you aren’t limited to looking at one or a select few vehicle brands, as we have all the popular ones you’d expect and more! Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, Kia, Hyundai, Nissan, Toyota and many others are just a sampling of the brands we carry. Even for more luxurious and unique options like Cadillac and MINI, we’re the top source in Oshawa for the brand you’re looking for. Not only of the best brands but also of the highest quality, our selection is hand-picked so you’ll only find the best of the best on our lot.

Any Car Body Style You Desire

Beyond brands, if it’s a sedan, coupe or hatchback style you’re looking for, we can more than accommodate that, with a healthy selection of options under each banner. That’s the beauty of cars, it’s a broad category with a wide variety of styles that can suit your specific needs. Want a performance car? Explore a Mustang or Charger. Looking for incredible city versatility out of your car? Browse an Elantra or Cruze hatchback. Interested in a classic sedan style? Explore a Camry or Forte. Brand or body style, you can get the car you desire at Davey Auto Sales.

Top Reasons to Buy a Used Car

Buying a used car comes with so many positives that make driving pre-owned an easy choice in our modern age. As vehicles have progressed throughout the years so has their quality and longevity, ensuring you’re buying a used car that you’ll hardly notice had a driver before you. And here at Davey Auto Sales with our cleanest used vehicles in Oshawa and hand-picked selection, it’s an easy choice to buy a used car. Here are a couple of the top reasons why you should buy used.
Interior of used vehicle


As soon as that new car driver takes their brand-new vehicle off the lot it depreciates. It’s not a long process either, most new cars lose the majority of their value after only the first few years. There are some brands that hold their value better over time, but depreciation is something you can’t escape with a vehicle. Because of new car depreciation that’s a prime reason why used car prices are so much lower than the high price of buying new, which loses its value quickly anyways.
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At a used dealership like ours, you aren’t stuck looking at the same brand over and over again, or the same similar types of body styles. If you want to look at a Ford vs. a Chevrolet vs. a Ram, you’re covered. Pickup, car, SUV or minivan, you can find them all at a used dealer, and with a variety of choices in brands under each. Compare and contrast and truly find the vehicle for you with all of the options at your fingertips.
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You may not immediately think of reliability or durability for a used car when you know it’s been driven by a previous owner, but the vehicles of today aren’t like what they were decades ago. Today’s cars are built to last for a long time, and live through multiple different owners, without sacrificing much of the performance that you expect. And knowing that you’re buying at our dealership where we’ve hand-picked and inspected all of the models we sell, you’ll buy quality each and every time, and be driving it well into the future.
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Flexible Payments & Rates:

Buying a used car over purchasing one privately has a huge advantage of getting to work with a speciality finance department. With a finance team like ours, you can be set-up with a flexible payment plan that works specifically within your budget. If you have bad credit and need a loan, a used dealership like ours at Davey Auto Sales is exceptionally equipped to help you along that journey. You need a car, but you need to make sure you can afford it going forward as well, and we’ll ensure that through our financing resources.

Tips For Shopping for a Used Car

We understand that shopping for a used car can be stressful for some, but at Davey Auto Sales we strive to make the entire process as easy as possible. We’re here for you every step of the way, and are happy to answer any questions you may have. If you’re new to buying a vehicle, or if it’s been awhile, we’ve outlined a few tips on what to make sure you do when embarking on a journey for a new-to-you vehicle!
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A car is a big purchase, so do your due diligence beforehand and research exactly what type of vehicle you want, and most importantly what one would fit best in your life. Whether in-person at the dealership or online, our website contains up-to-date information, financing info to get started, details about our warranty program and more so you’ll be ready and know what you’re looking for.
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Get Approved:

Getting approved is an important introductory step, and it couldn’t be a more simple process. You can easily do it online through our credit application form, so you’ll know exactly what you’re able to work with. We utilize a top network of lenders like RBC and TD Canada Trust to get you a car loan at terrific rates.
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Stay In Your Budget:

Once you know your budget and the loan you’ve been approved for, it’s important to stay within your budget and buy within your means. Especially if you’re looking to rebuild credit, you want to ensure you’ll be able to pay off the vehicle you want each month. Make sure to only buy a vehicle you’ll actually utilize to its potential. A truck might be fun, but if you’re only just using your vehicle to commute and won’t be taking advantage of a pickup’s unique features, it’s not worth the extra money.
Person reading a report inside a vehicle

Vehicle History Report:

Every vehicle you look at has had a previous owner, so make sure you look over the vehicle history report to know exactly what the car has gone through, whether any accidents or subsequent repairs. This will help you make an informed decision and better know the care it enjoyed in its previous life.
Happy couple test driving a vehicle

Inspect & Test Drive:

Give the vehicle a good inspection. Not just a cursory look, but an in-depth examination of the car, from the inside out. Of course, you need to know how it rides, too, so make sure you take a test drive and give yourself a preview of what it could be like with that new vehicle as all your own.

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