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Winter Vehicles in the Durham Region

We hate to say it before Halloween arrives, but winter is coming. That means that it’s the time to make sure your vehicle, or your next vehicle, is ready for Durham’s harsh winters. From snow to sleet, rain to black ice, know that your vehicle is capable of getting you where you need to go safely. Here are some of our favourite vehicles for winter driving.

RAM 1500s in Oshawa

The RAM 1500 is one of our all-time favourite trucks thanks to its rugged reputation and towing capabilities. With 4x4 as the standard on all newer RAM 1500s, you’ll know that all four wheels are working hard to keep you safe in whatever conditions you meet on your adventures. Many of our in-stock units even have all-season or winter tires already installed, which means you’re one step closer to safe driving in all conditions.

We carry the cleanest used RAM 1500s that you’ll find anywhere. Our current RAM inventory houses trucks from 2015 through to like-new 2018s that have been thoroughly cleaned and inspected to serve you best. Browse online today and see how we put the fun back into vehicle buying with the best RAM experience you’ll find in Oshawa.

hyundai santa fe

The Hyundai Santa Fe for Snow Festivities

When it comes to family SUVs, the Hyundai Santa Fe is one of our most-requested and best-selling models that we get in stock. Why? Because it’s packed with features, incredibly safe, affordable, and reliable.

Our current Santa Fe inventory is packed with AWD models that will keep your traction where it needs to be: on the road. Newer models come packed with automatic high beams and safety technology such as traction control and automatic braking systems that will protect you when you need it most. Our current inventory houses models from 2014 through to 2018s—whatever your budget, you’ll find a suitable Santa Fe. Some even have heated seats to keep you cozy this winter season! Shop used Santa Fe SUVs in Oshawa today.

Nissan Murano for the Go

The Nissan Murano is often overrated but never underperforming. This SUV is incredibly spacious and our 2014-2018 Muranos are ready for adventure, can fit all your goodies (snow boots included), and have the power to make it through the snow. Under the hood, you’ll find 2.5L six-cylinder engines. All in-stock Muranos have all-wheel drive, making them a great option for winter driving when you need added control. Their low centre of gravity makes it easy to stabilize on slippery roads, and this ability is amplified when you have winter tires equipped.

Newer models (such as some of our 2018s) have a full social experience packed in, with Bluetooth, touchscreen navigation and infotainment, hookups and USBs for your devices, and more. All of this can be jazzed up with natural lighting from a panoramic moonroof. Other premium features include kick plates, trunk closures, and alloy wheels. After all, you don’t want snow getting in your groceries or staining your floor mats. Shop our Nissan Murano SUVs here.

Whether you’re looking for a tough used truck that can plow a driveway or simply get through the banks with ease or an SUV that will keep your family safe in the winter, we can help. You can even find great winter-capable used cars in our inventory. Don’t forget your snow tires!

Nov 1st, 2018