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Ford Escape from Durham Region

One of our favourite things to do once summer hits is to pack up the family and head out on an old-fashioned family road trip. One of our favourite vehicles around is the Ford Escape. It’s no coincidence that these two things go hand-in-hand for a great family road trip vehicle. Here’s why we nominate the Ford Escape as one of the best ways to hit the open road this summer.

The Ford Escape is Spacious

This popular SUV seats five with room to boot. When you’re not hauling the family, the rear seat folds down to create even more cargo space, in addition to the already spacious trunk. Car and Driver put the space to the test on the 2017 model (and specs are similar in more recent model years) and found that with the seats up the Ford Escape can store 10 pieces of carry-on luggage, and with them down it can store 23 pieces. Now that’s a lot of space!


It’s Packed with Technology

Each model year is a touch different, so we’re going to cover technology that you can find in our current Ford Escape inventory. We have models that range from 2014 and onward.

Checkmark  Foot-activated liftgate technology: the back hatch on your Escape will open with the touch of a foot. No more dropping groceries while trying to simply put them away.

Checkmark  Lane-keeping technology: If you start to stray out of the line of typical driving, you’ll be notified.

Checkmark  Adaptive cruise control: If you want to cruise and hate the stop-start that irritating highway drivers can cause, don’t fret. Adaptive cruise control will keep you at a safe distance from the car in front of you, without needing to turn cruise off.

Checkmark  Forward collision warning with brake support: This technology will prevent you from colliding into pedestrians or obstacles, and will intervene and brake for you when necessary.

Checkmark  Blind spot detection: Even though you check your spot, having technology on your side to give you some extra reassurance never hurts.

Checkmark  Back up cameras: Backing up is easy and safe with backup cameras to keep your Escape’s rear safe.

Checkmark  Navigation system: Maps to get you where you need to go.

Beyond the popular and important technology above, you’ll also find a host of power features. Power locks, windows, seats, and sunroofs are all common finds on our Ford Escapes. You’ll even find heated seats and traction control on most units, just to make life even easier.


It Gets Great Gas Mileage

That’s right: an SUV that doesn’t hurt the pocketbook. The EPA rating for the 2018 Ford Escape AWD is 24 MPG combined (22 city, 28 highway), or  4.2 gallons per 100 miles. This matches very closely with average user-reported data on fuel consumption on Fuelly, at 23 MPG. To put that into Canadian perspective, the combined MPG is 39 MK per 3.8 L or 10.2 KM/L.

In our experience, the estimates are very accurate. Previous customers report the same as well, with rave reviews about how far you can go with the Ford Escape. Now there’s no excuse not to find a great road trip destination.

Where Can it Take You?

Here in the Durham Region there are many great attractions. We’re not too far from Toronto, but we’re in the country enough that we know how to have some fun. Here are some of our favourite short trips to take in the Ford Escape:


Wherever your end destination is, let Davey Auto Sales help get you into the right car, truck, or SUV for your family. The Ford Escape is one of our favourite family commuters, and we have a wide range of other vehicles to suit your needs and budget at the home of the cleanest used cars. Don’t be shy, we’re here when you’re ready to join the everybody drives family.

Jul 6th, 2018