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Davey Auto Sales Wants to Know: What’s Your Sports Car Style?

We all have different dreams, and everyone has their dream sports car, even if they don’t plan on ever owning it. The vehicles that we drive can share a bit of who we are, as can the ones we dream about. With such a wide variety of makes and models of used cars to choose from, there really is a car for everybody. That’s why, at Davey Auto Sales, everybody drives.

Dodge Challenger

The Dodge Challenger is one of the true American classics. The first Challenger to hit the streets came in 1959: the Dodge Silver Challenger. From there, other colours were released and the line has since spawned three generations of Challengers. Each iteration has kept the low-profile body, long hood, hood scoop, and a sporty finish.



checkmark4Look like Batman
checkmark4Makes a statement
checkmark4Lots of horsepower
checkmark4Sleek design


Chrysler 300 & 300s

What do you think when you see a Chrysler 300 drive by? Typically words like rich, fancy, money, and classy come to mind. The Chrysler 300 is all of these things. This vehicle looks, drives, and feels like a serious business vehicle. The 300s adds more luxury features such as added leather trim, 12-way power adjustable front seating, and added technology features. With a square-angled body (which it gently shares with the its younger brother, the Chrysler 200), a wide front lip, big wheels and big windows - you’ll be confident knowing that you’re riding in style. 



checkmark4You like big cars and you cannot lie
checkmark43.6L 6-cylinder engines for raw power
checkmark4All of our in-stock units have sunroofs
checkmark4You want to have a bold car, without a bold price tag
checkmark4Lots of space without weighing you down


Mitsubishi Lancer

While the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is no more, its memory and regular body style live on. Quickly made popular among speed demons in the 2 Fast 2 Furious film of 2002, the Lancer Evolution quickly became a dream for young speedsters. Jackie Chan also drove Lancers during his film career, bringing the line even more fame.

The Lancer and its various editions are still popular today, and not just with fast fliers, but families and commuters as well. The Lancer is fuel-efficient and with trims like the SE LTD edition, you won’t fall short on features. Right now, we have multiple Lancers to choose from that have financing rates starting as low as $94*/bi-weekly, and our deals are always improving!



checkmark4You want to go (or look like you go) fast
checkmark4You want all the features: Bluetooth, backup cameras, MP3, cruise control, and more
checkmark4Boasts a big, bad, and bold body style
checkmark4Import brand reputation


Chevrolet Impala

It’s hard to beat a used Chevrolet Impala. The Impala has been around for a long time, and for good reason: it lasts. Used in policing units across Bowmanville, Oshawa, and the Durham Region, not to mention all of North America, the Impala is a symbol of strength. This tough and dependable vehicle is tough enough for justice, and just great for families.

While we don’t (often) sell police interceptors, we sell the cleanest used Impalas around. Currently, we have used models as new as 2017 that come fully-loaded with features and the Davey Auto Sales promise.



checkmark4Tough and reliable
checkmark4Sleek and stylish sedan style, without being too flashy
checkmark4Lots of space for passengers and cargo
checkmark4Steady across both town trips and family functions



What other cars tickle your fancy? We’d love to hear what vehicle is your style. Let us know! If we don’t have one, we’d be happy to help you find it for you!

Mar 2nd, 2018