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Is it Worth it to Detail Your Car Before Trading in?

Sure, as soon as you’re ready to sell your vehicle you can turn around and sell it as-is, but that leaves possible value on the table and money lost, while putting in a bit of work on your vehicle beforehand can net you a greater value. In short, it’s well worth it to detail your vehicle before trading it in. Even the best of us who keep our cars in prime condition no doubt fall short in a few areas, especially when it comes to representing said vehicle in its best possible light. When you’re ready to sell your vehicle, it needs to be in the best possible condition, and although that may result in extra time, effort and cost on your end, it can deliver great dividends in the value you’re able to receive. Read on with our Davey Auto Sales team to explore why it’s worth it to detail your car before trading it in.

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Increase Value

This is the big one, and a pretty obvious statement, but one that demands repeating, detailing your vehicle can increase its trade-in value. Used cars may be used, but that isn’t an excuse for them to be dirty. Put yourself in a buyer’s shoes, would you want to buy your car in its current condition, and put yourself in the shoes of the dealership, how much would you pay for a sloppy vehicle that is not only not in great shape but also dirty. It doesn’t take much to clean up a car through an interior and exterior detail and clean, a little extra elbow grease and cost, but which can easily turn a frog into a prince.

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Find Problem Areas

Along with detailing you should also make sure to fix any small problem areas on your vehicle. The great thing about detailing your vehicle is it may help to uncover issues you weren’t aware of, or weren’t aware were as serious as you once thought. This could be anything from exterior to interior lights, to rock chip damage. As much as you should be keeping up on your vehicle throughout its ownership, there’s a lot that makes up a vehicle, and thus is easy to miss. Detailing allows you to focus on your vehicle through fine details cleaning and reconditioning, and thus finding any problem areas that may need further addressing before sale.

Trade In Your Vehicle at Davey Auto Sales

Here at Davey Auto Sales, we’re all about clean used vehicles, in fact, we’re proud to posit that we have the cleanest used cars in Oshawa. Our proprietary dry-cleaning method and high standards for cleanliness allow us to present the highest quality of used vehicles in the area, which we always look to maintain with our trade-ins. Detail your vehicle and help your vehicle reach its full potential, and thus aim to see a better possible trade-in value for your vehicle. Our team are experts in the trade-in process, and can walk you through the entire process expediently, and get you on your way. Contact us, today, to get an appraisal on your vehicle so you can see how much it may be worth.

Jul 29th, 2022