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What Happens to Your Trade-in Vehicle?

If you’ve ever wondered what happens to your vehicle after you trade it in to a dealership such as ours at Davey Auto Sales, we’re here to help you get to know the process a little more. It all boils down to two routes, either selling it back to another customer through the dealership it was sold to, or it’s put up for wholesale for another dealership or auctioned. Read on with us here at Davey Auto Sales as we outline both paths that are available for your vehicles once it is traded in.

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Resale to the Public

Our preferred method is to take in your trade-in vehicle, make any needed reconditioning, repairs and cleaning and, then put it back up for sale on our lot. This is the most likely route for popular models, newer vehicles and ones with fewer kilometres on them. A vehicle sold at Davey Auto Sales is done so in the best quality condition possible, to give our customers the best and most trusted selection possible. To meet these high marks, all of our vehicles are hand-picked by our experts, are cleaned with our proprietary dry-cleaning method and reconditioned to meet the standards modern drivers demand. Dealerships like ours are always looking for fresh trade-in models that can be easily sold again on the lot.

Wholesale or Auction

If our team deems that the vehicle that you traded in just may not be a good fit on our lot, or won’t be that popular for our current marketplace, it will either be sold wholesale or put up for auction. Putting it up for wholesale means effectively selling it to a different dealership for them to sell, one which may be a better fit for the vehicle. Auctioning off the vehicle may be another route the vehicle takes, if it isn’t a fit either on the lot it’s sold to or there’s no wholesale market for it. At the end of the day, your old trade-in will always find a home.

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Trade In Your Vehicle at Davey Auto Sales

Do you have a vehicle you’re looking to get rid of, and want to see some cash in return? We here at Davey Auto Sales can help you out, as we buy all makes and models! We’ve been experts in the used vehicle industry for over 40 years, and will work to get you great value for your vehicle, as well as helping you find a new-to-you model, if so desired. Contact our team, today discover how quick and easy it is to sell your vehicle to a trusted dealership such as ours at Davey Auto Sales here in Oshawa.

May 31st, 2022