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What Affects Your Car’s Value When Selling It?

A lot goes into making up your vehicle’s value, and a few seemingly small items on your car can be the difference between a price you’re happy to sell it for and one that you’re wishing was a bit higher. Here at Davey Auto Sales we’re here to get you the best possible price for your vehicle, and have highlighted some of the top things that can impact its value, so you can get a ballpark of how much it may be worth, or what to improve upon for sale. From its make/model/year to condition and accident history and more, there’s a wide variety that goes into a vehicle’s selling price.

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1. Condition, Accident History & Kilometres Driven

This one may be one of the most obvious, and it’s the big one we look at here at Davey Auto Sales. We’re not always after specific make/model/year of vehicles, but we’re certainly focused on maintaining high quality vehicles with the models we take in. Thus, it should come as no surprise that a vehicle in pristine condition will be worth more than one in poor and shoddy condition. Same goes with one that has an extensive accident history, which may not spell well for its long-term future. The amount of kilometres driven is a big deal as well, knowing how long and often this vehicle has been out on the road, and how much longer it may have to operate as it currently is.

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2. Make, Model & Year

Make, model & year are very important in certain circumstances. If you have a very common vehicle, and one that a dealership may already have quite an abundance of, you may not quite get the price you’re looking for with already a heavy stock available in the market. In contrast, if your vehicle is unique, whether in make, model or year, you may be able to get a better value for it due to its rarity.

3. Package & Add-On Features

Not every vehicle is made equal, and just because a vehicle may be the same make, model or year doesn’t mean they’re exactly the same. As we all know, when buying a vehicle you’re met with a lot of choices, from choosing a trim level, to adding on a la carte features to even entire packages that further upgrades your vehicle, for anything from off-roading to performance. That means that if, for example, your Jeep Wrangler is decked out with an off-road package or your sports car has a performance-tuned package, your vehicle will be valued more than just the base model. This also can include any aftermarket accessories that you may have added to your vehicle, again for anything from off-roading to performance to safety to convenience or more.

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4. Reliability & Safety

Following a similar point as the Condition & Accident History section, the reliability and safety rating of your vehicle can go a long way in helping strengthen your vehicle’s value. If you have a vehicle that’s specifically known for being reliable, whether through its make or model, and thus has been given a high safety rating, that can be an excellent advantage in shoring up the sale price you may be able to get.

5. Additional Costs, Selling Value + Demand

While the physical vehicle itself determines the vast majority of its price, there are some other external factors that may play into what price is able to be determined for it. Selling prices of other similar vehicles in the area may affect what you get for yours, as well as the current market demand (which in our current case is seeing a heavy demand on used vehicles from both used and new vehicle dealerships, which can greatly play into your favour. Other items like insurance costs may also affect the price you’re able to receive for your vehicle.
The best way to find out the value of your vehicle is to get it appraised, whether online or in-person, and you can get both done with us here at Davey Auto Sales. Come in to find out how much your vehicle may be worth, and sell it to us in a quick & easy process.

Nov 19th, 2021