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Tips on How to Sell Your Vehicle to a Dealership

If you’re looking for some tips on how to best position your vehicle for sale to a dealership, for the benefit of you and your vehicle, we’re here to help. Here at Davey Auto Sales, having been in business since 1977 and through that time serving the Oshawa area with the best car sale process around, we’re in a unique spot to help you make the most of your sale to a dealership like ours. Follow along with us as we outline exactly what you can do to make the experience as simple and as convenient as possible when selling to a dealership, and also getting the best value for your vehicle.

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Find Out Your Vehicle’s Value

The first thing you need to do is to find out a rough estimation of the value of your vehicle. This information provides you with a twofold benefit, it lets you set expectations of what your vehicle is worth when an offer is presented, and it gives you a value that if you may be unhappy with you can work to improve your vehicle and thus hope to raise that valuation upon sale. Luckily for you, we’ve made finding the value of your car easy, straight from our Davey Auto Sales website with our trade-in evaluation tool. Just navigate to our homepage, click “What’s My Trade Worth?”, fill out the information and unlock your trade value.

Fix & Clean Your Vehicle

Take this opportunity now to get your vehicle in as good shape as possible, and as clean as you can, on the inside and out. Have you been neglecting some minor maintenance? Are there some scuffs and scrapes that you haven’t bothered to get taken care of? Has it been a long time since you’ve done a thorough deep clean of your interior and a proper exterior wash? Most likely it has, and getting these base fixes and detailing done can go a long way in boosting up that trade-in value.

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Get an Offer & Sell

You now have a rough idea of how much your vehicle may be worth, your vehicle has been fixed and cleaned to the best degree possible and now you’re ready to start the real process. Contact the dealership with an intent to sell, where here at Davey Auto Sales we make it easy with an online form. A dealership representative will get in touch, have a look at your vehicle, make you an offer, then once you accept your vehicle will be inspected and checked out, the paperwork completed and you’ll go home with a generous return.

The Davey Auto Sales Process

Selling your car to Davey Auto Sales is such an easy process that we can get you in and out in a manner of minutes if everything is aligned. From online to phone to in-person, we welcome however you’d like to communicate to get the deal done. Our simplified process is all about avoiding wasting your time and getting you an offer quickly with our stress-free legal disposition of your vehicle. We take on all makes & models, handle the legalities and paperwork and work with the best banks and finance companies in the area to even pay out loans. Sell your car the proper way, the Davey Auto Sales way, and come experience the difference, today.

Sep 21st, 2021