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What to Keep in Mind When Selling Your Car As Is

“As is” refers to selling your vehicle as it is in its current condition, most often without any warranty and without any additional maintenance or detailing work to get it properly ready for sale. A handful of pros and cons come with selling a vehicle like this, and more importantly much to keep in mind and expectations to keep in check when doing so. An as is vehicle is being sold with the unknown of its current condition, which greatly affects the price you may get for it. Read on with us at Davey Auto Sales to understand what you need to keep in mind when selling your vehicle as is.

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Be Honest About the State of Your Vehicle

If you do choose to sell your vehicle as is, and not get a proper service and clean of the vehicle before you undergo the selling process at a dealership, you need to make sure you’re honest and upfront about your vehicle. Of course, at Davey Auto Sales we inspect and verify every vehicle we purchase in depth, to ensure that it’s of top quality to be sold at our dealership—especially when we know that little work has gone into the vehicle to be sold, and that there may be unknown issues that may affect the price, or negate a sale completely. As such, when being honest about the state of your vehicle you must also understand these realities that come with selling as is.

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Understand the Realities of Your Selling Choice

The biggest reality that you need to understand when selling your vehicle as is is that you’re greatly affecting its selling price. While service, repairs and detailing do cost money to get a vehicle in top shape, you can easily get a solid return on investment with a vehicle that is prepped for sale, and is verified to be in top condition. If you’re okay with possibly losing out on money by selling your vehicle as is, you need to be prepared for any offer you may get, as well as realizing that you have far fewer negotiating leverage. Put simply, selling your car as it is demands that you manage your expectations.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Selling As Is

People often sell their vehicle as is, so there must be some advantages to this method. The biggest ones fall under the banner of convenience, leaving you with little money and prep work required. The disadvantages, though, as we’ve outlined, severely affect your ability to get a reasonable price for your vehicle, and leave you with not much freedom throughout the selling process.


  • Convenience
  • Less sale prep work for you
  • No money needed for service, repair, detailing


  • Not as high of a sale price as possible
  • Little negotiating power
  • Increased possibility of not being able to sell the vehicle

If you’re looking at selling your vehicle as is, contact us here at Davey Auto Sales to see how we can assist you. We’re always looking to buy vehicles from our trusted customers, and stock a wide variety of used cars, trucks, SUVs and vans for your next model.

Jan 31st, 2022