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Why Now is the Best Time to Trade In Your Vehicle

Now truly is the best time to take advantage of the market and trade in your vehicle to get one of the best values you’ll ever get for it. While new inventory suffers you can take advantage of dealerships such as ours who are on the lookout for quality used vehicles to stock our dealership lots with. Due to used vehicles being in such demand, so does it equal an increased price for what you could get for your current vehicle. Read on below with us and get to know exactly why now is the best time to trade your vehicle in to us here at Davey Auto Sales.

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Less New Inventory = Demand for Used Inventory

The pandemic has had massive worldwide effects, and the automotive industry has suffered a large brunt of it, from available workers to plant shutdowns to component shortages to supply chain issues, it’s all caused a major bottleneck on producing new vehicles for new dealerships. What this has done is opened up the demand for used vehicles in place of those new vehicles that are so hard to get. This demand on used inventory equals an increased price that many used trade-ins are going for due to the demand from dealerships across the world wanting to outfit their lot with all the vehicles they can get their hands on. Less new inventory = a demand for used inventory, and your time to take advantage.

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The Rise of Used Inventory Value

New vehicle dealerships used to be stocked plenty with the latest of their brand’s vehicles, but now struggle to maintain a few pieces of the latest inventory. While it’s tough for these dealerships to fill out their inventory with new vehicles, they’ve turned to vehicles that are already produced and driving on city streets and country roads: used vehicles. A dealership like ours has solely been dealing with used vehicles (since 1977) but this current shift in the industry means that all types of dealerships are competing for the same kind of inventory. Thus with this demand comes a rising of the price for what people may be able to get for their vehicle. Come see us at Davey Auto Sales and see first-hand what you can get for your current vehicle; you may be surprised.

Dealerships Want Your Vehicle!

Buying used vehicles has always been a facet of traditional dealerships, and an even bigger focus for used dealerships like ours, but now that with this new inventory shortage many dealerships are making buying your vehicle a top priority. Previously being just a small part of the business of a car dealership has all of a sudden become a prime focus, so you can be quite sure that as long as your vehicle is in good standing that a dealership like ours here at Davey Auto Sales will be interested in it. Take advantage of this demand for used vehicles by dealerships and trade in or sell your vehicle, today.

Trade In Your Vehicle at Davey Auto Sales

Many dealerships have had to pivot to used vehicle sales and buying used inventory from shoppers due to the pandemic, but here at Davey Auto Sales we’ve been doing so for decades, way before the struggles of these last few years. Trade in to the experts who’ve been doing this since 1977, where we’ll help you find a new-to-you vehicle through our hand-picked inventory featuring the cleanest vehicles you’ll find here in Oshawa. Combine the best time to trade in your vehicle with the best dealership to do it with, now here at Davey Auto Sales.

Apr 26th, 2022