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How You Can Easily Find Your Vehicle’s Trade-In Value

Trade-in values are at an all-time high, and you can take advantage here at Davey Auto Sales. Wondering about how much you can get for your vehicle? It’s easier than ever with our guaranteed trade value tool, conveniently found on our website, taking only a few minutes to unlock your car’s value. Our trade-in process is super easy, taking your time into consideration, and ensuring you get the best deal possible for your vehicle. Coupled with this perfect time to trade in and the ease that we foster across the whole experience at Davey Auto Sales, easily find your vehicle’s value with us then trade in, today!

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What’s Your Trade Worth?

Many people just like you may be interested in selling your vehicle, or trading it in for something else, but don’t know where to start. You may just be curious about what you could currently get for your vehicle, and that’s where our simple trade-in evaluation tool comes into play. Conveniently linked off our homepage, just click the “What’s My Trade Worth?” image and be taken to our guaranteed trade value tool. Fill out the vehicle and contact information details to start the process of unlocking your guaranteed trade value. We make this process quick and convenient, so that you can get in and get out of our dealership with cash, or a new-to-you vehicle.

Unlock guaranteed trade value cheque

Our Quick & Easy Trade-In Process

We all lead busy lives, and the last thing you want to do is be bogged down by all that comes with trading in or selling your vehicle. Do away with private sales and putting all of the onus on you by trading in to a used vehicle dealership like ours, who specializes in pre-owned models and has been doing this for decades. Selling your vehicle only takes a few steps of filling out a form, getting in touch with us, receiving an offer good for 7 days, accepting it and bringing your vehicle in for inspection, then settling all of the paperwork. We’ll settle any outstanding loans, look after all the legalities and can get you cash on the same day. It’s really all that simple.

Why it’s the Best Time to Trade In Your Vehicle

Lately here at Davey Auto Sales we’ve been putting an especially big focus on buying vehicles because not while it does help us restock our inventory, most importantly it’s a time when pre-owned vehicles are in heavy demand, creating high value for them. The struggles with the new inventory side of the automotive business has caused this, due to the many effects of the pandemic with component shortages and supply chain issues, leaving new vehicles scarce. That means the dealership world has turned its eyes to the used vehicle side, increasing the demand and thus the value you’re able to get. Turn this to your advantage and get a fantastic deal on your vehicle, now.

Trade In Your Vehicle at Davey Auto Sales

Whether you just need the cash, or are looking at something a little different to driving into spring and summer, Davey Auto Sales here in Oshawa is your one-stop destination to get your current vehicle off your hands. We’ll take care of everything, and walk you through the entire process step-by-step, from selling to buying something new. Feel free to contact us with any question you may have on the trade-in process, or to just get started, today.

Apr 28th, 2022