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When is the Best Time to Trade in Your Car?

If you’re ready to sell your vehicle, but had a second thought and wondered if now is the best time to sell, or if there’s a better time to hold out to get the most value, we’re here to help you make that decision. There are a lot of optimal times throughout the year to sell your vehicle to get the most for it, and our Davey Auto Sales team will assist you during every one of them. Supply and demand often become the biggest factors, and with our current market opens up a lot more opportunities than in years past. Read on with us as we outline some of the best times throughout the year to sell your vehicle. 

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Warm Weather Conditions

Warm weather is the perfect time for shopping, no matter what you’re looking at buying. The summer months are some of the most popular and well trafficked at dealerships such as our at Davey Auto Sales, with many getting out in the sun, and wanting to stay outside to find a vehicle that works for them. Take advantage of the nice weather and sell your vehicle at a time when people are looking for their next vehicle.

Match Your Vehicle’s Strengths to the Time of Year

Similarly with selling your vehicle during the warm time of year, if your vehicle is of a unique style that’s akin to a certain type of weather it may also be best to sell it for when it excels as well. For example, you probably don’t want to be selling your convertible in the winter when snow is covering the ground and it’s frigid, as not many will be looking for that style at the moment. Conversely, a vehicle with all-wheel drive or one that’s particularly adept on the snow and ice-covered road would be in particularly high demand during this time of the year.

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Take Advantage of Supply & Demand

Supply and demand is the biggest factor, and can obviously change throughout the year, or remain in a certain period of a long time, such as we’re experiencing now. With a lack of new inventory for new dealerships has come an increased demand for used vehicles over the past year, due to the continuing effects of the pandemic, supply chain issues, shipping and now the economy in general. Thus, with used vehicles in demand comes the perfect time to sell as you’ll be able to get a great value for a vehicle that’s greatly in need.

Trade In Your Vehicle at Davey Auto Sales

It’s always a great time to sell your vehicle to Davey Auto Sales. Our trade-in process is simple and easy, getting you in and out with cash in hand or on your way to your next vehicle as quickly as possible. We’ve been serving customers like you for decades and supplying the Oshawa region with the cleanest used cars in the area. Trade in your car at Davey Auto Sales and we’ll provide you with a stress-free experience that always puts you and your needs first.

Jun 27th, 2022