Sell Us Your Vehicle at Davey Auto Sales

Don’t stress yourself out trying to sell your vehicle privately, come to Davey Auto Sales for a better way to sell! Our dealership experience is secure, and takes the sales initiative every step-of-the-way. We are happy to deal with all of the legalities and take on any make or model of vehicle, as long as the vehicle has been well taken care of. We’re always on the hunt for top quality used vehicles, and often offer more than other dealers do on trade. Make selling your vehicle a breeze and sell your car, truck, SUV or van to your favourite local used vehicle destination in Oshawa, Davey Auto Sales!

We’ll Buy Your Vehicle here in Oshawa!

Why Sell Your Vehicle to Us at Davey Auto Sales?

The value of selling your vehicle to our dealership comes in many forms as we provide stress-free legal disposition of your car, thanks to an easy process, ability to pay out loans, cash on the same day, our handling of the finances and a wide acceptance of makes and models. We’ve simplified the selling process to avoid wasting your valuable time and so you get an offer quickly.

We’ll Pay the Loan of Your Vehicle Out

Do you still have a loan on your vehicle but are ready to sell it? Don’t let that current loan dissuade you from actively selling, as we here at Davey Auto Sales will help you out! That’s right, if you’re looking at selling your vehicle with a loan still on it we’ll pay the loan off your vehicle. If you’d like to learn more about this process, contact us now, or read on further with our dedicated blog on the subject.

Get Cash for Your Vehicle on the Same Day

There’s no fussing around here at Davey Auto Sales when it comes to selling your vehicle. We make sure the entire process is quick and that you can leave with cash in your hand. If you’re looking to sell your vehicle and get cash for it, you can do so on the same exact day here at our dealership. Contact us now to begin this expedient process.

Davey Auto Sales Looks After the Legalities & Paperwork

We know it can be a pain when it comes to the financial process of buying or selling a vehicle, who wants to deal with all of that paperwork? We do! You don’t have to worry about that here at Davey Auto Sales, as we’ll look after all of the legalities and paperwork, and fully explain anything you may be unsure of. Our specialty finance department is here to make the entire process easy.

We Purchase All Makes & Models

That’s right, we’re not picky toward the make and model here at Davey Auto Sales, only for quality. We purchase all makes and models, no matter if it’s a car, truck, SUV or van. Don’t worry if you think the mileage may be too high, we buy regardless of the mileage condition. Our top factor that we look for in vehicles is how well they’ve been looked after. We’ve built our name off being Oshawa’s top destination for clean and high quality used vehicles, so we endeavour to maintain our reputation, all starting with the quality of vehicles we buy from valued customers like you.

Guaranteed Trade-In Price Tool

One of the most helpful tools at your disposal when looking to sell your vehicle to us at Davey Auto Sales is our Guaranteed Trade-In Price Tool. Conveniently located on our homepage, all this tool needs is some basic information from your vehicle, then it’ll find out how much your trade-in may be worth. You’ll get an immediate guaranteed price just through using the tool, so follow the steps and we’ll be in touch regarding a price on your vehicle. We’re here to assist you through the entire process if you’d rather us take the lead from the start, just call us for a guaranteed price on your vehicle and we’ll get you a great price on selling your vehicle to our dealership.

How The Process Works

We’ve made the process of selling your vehicle to us simple and convenient at Davey Auto Sales. Just follow these steps:
Trade-in form graphic

Step 1

Fill out the form at the bottom of this page with some contact and vehicle info, use the Guaranteed Trade-In tool, or call or text 905-244-1365.
Purchase representative graphic

Step 2

One of our purchase representatives will ask you some more questions about your vehicle, and field any that you may have.
Offer for selling graphic

Step 3

We’ll make you an offer, valid for 7 days.
Vehicle inspection graphic

Step 4

When/if you decide to accept the offer, you’ll then bring in your vehicle for an inspection.
Buying vehicle graphic

Step 5

Once everything checks out on your vehicle, we’ll complete the paperwork and officially buy it from you!
Payment of car loan graphic

Step 6

Bonus: we’ll even help you pay out any car loans if needed.

Sell Your Vehicle to Us, Now!

The quick and convenient process begins here, just fill out the form below to get started on selling your vehicle to us. If you have any questions before selling, we’re more than happy to answer any you may have, whether that be by phone, in-person or online.