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Peter E. Mercado, C.E.T

On October 29th, 2013 we visited Davey Auto Sales Limited, located on 99 Bloor Street, East, Oshawa, up to this point we have done research on the type and make of vehicle we were looking for as well as approximate price, we were met by a very attentive young men, he introduced himself as Kris, “How can I help you?”… “Good evening Kris, my wife Eva and I are looking for a vehicle advertised by you on line, it is a 2011 Buick La Crosse CX with 27,136 Km. on it”, “Yes, let me get the keys and go over it”, car started, trunk lid open, hood open, “all looks in order, clean, no smoke, in pristine condition”, “Care to take the car for ride?, why not…, during the test drive we discussed the scenario of having a 1998 Buick Le Sabre in good running order, E-tested and approved; we can only park one car in our condominium parking space, so if we can trade it in we would be glad, to which “Kris replied, we can work on it”, as my wife stated: ” Kris we are here to do business”…the rest is history, We purchased the car for cash, Kris took care of all details, license, ownership, plates transfer, etc. a happy and pleasant experience not only by Kris but also by the lady that completed the paper work, payment, receipt, etc. One item we happen to mention is, we like to do business in Oshawa, our home town, We can state with confidence that it has been a pleasure and lucky to have stopped by Davey Auto Sales Ltd. and Kris as our Coordinator, Thank you so much Kris and wish you success in your days and years to come, you are a natural, As an ISO Quality Consultant I recognize and know the value of good customer service, congratulations for a job well done and thank you

Feb 16th, 2017