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John From Oshawa!

Wow..you want to talk about GREAT service? The engine in my old van was shot and I was without a car. I called Shelley to see if I could come in to see her, she told me to come right in. We filled out a credit application and she asked me what type of vehicle I wanted. The next day, she phoned me with an approval from the banks and gave me a few suggestions of vehicles I may like. I came back to visit and picked out a van. Glen took me for a test drive and pointed out some of the features of the van to me. I was set! A few days later, they had my van all cleaned and prepared for me. They even came to my house and picked me up. Save yourself LOTS of time and just call Davey Auto Sales…I’m telling you, I didn’t feel any pressure at all, and I’m very happy with my Uplander. Thank you Shelley and Glen for getting me into a vehicle so fast without any B.S. Many thanks

Feb 16th, 2017