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Jennifer from Oshawa

I was driving a 2003 Buick Rendezvous with 11 months left on my current loan. With the price of gas and the age of my car, I was looking to get into something a little more fuel efficient and much newer. I called the car place I had been dealing with for over 2 years and they were not willing to help me out at all until my current loan was paid in full, even if it meant keeping me as a customer for 3 more years. I saw the Davey Auto Sales ad in the paper and decided I would give them a call. My credit was/is not the greatest but I was hoping they could get me into something that was newer and cheaper. I phoned them on a Thursday evening and had a positive answer Friday morning. Saturday afternoon I went in to have a look at cars and took the ones I really liked for a drive, and had the absolute BEST experience ever! Everyone was so incredibly friendly and very welcoming. My sister and I took a car for a test drive with a gentleman named Mike who works there and had a BLAST! We laughed and joked as if we knew him forever. There were no “stranger like” feelings with anyone there, just smiles and warm welcomes from everyone. Shelley was great and worked with me to get into a 2010 Ford Fusion despite my less than perfect credit. Better still, I was able to get away from the company that was not willing to help me. Now, I’m driving a beautiful new car and rebuilding my credit. I cannot express my appreciation enough for the enjoyment in shopping for a car with the team that helped me as well as the great experience I had with them. I was not frowned upon, nor did they look down on me for my past credit issues. Rather, they took the time to help BETTER my credit situation moving forward. I would HIGHLY recommend Davey Auto Sales to ANYONE looking for a car.

Feb 16th, 2017