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Bill and Holly

Approximately 3 months ago my husband and I had to buy an new car. Although we had never been to “Davey’s” before, the talk was that they were legit, and so, there we went. Our credit wasn’t good, but Jeff’s staff fought for us, and we got our new car, well, new to us. There were glitches and problems along the way, but “Davey’s” met them all head on. The after purchase service was better still. From a females prospective, a dealer being honest, friendly, and not making me feel inadequate, goes a long way with me. After 3 months, they are still there. Thank you so much Jeff for a pain free and exciting experience. We won’t forget you, and anyone needing a hassle free, professional car dealership, really needs to seek you out. Thank you so much. Always, Bill and Holly. Oshawa. P.S. I love my car

Feb 16th, 2017