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Why Used Vehicles are the Best to Finance

It’s no secret why used vehicles are some of the best options to finance, and why pre-owned vehicles are often one of the first places drivers look to. Financing a used vehicle can get you into a relatively new car, truck, SUV or van that’s from a recent model year and still on low kms. Alongside the high-quality vehicle is terrific savings that add up to an incredible value. Easily fit payments on a used vehicle into your budget, without emptying your savings account, and even raise your credit score. Read on and explore some of our top benefits for why used vehicles are the best options to finance, and why you won’t regret looking to them for your next vehicle purchase!

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Low KM, Relatively New

Some people may automatically get the wrong idea of what a “used vehicle” is, automatically assuming it’s an old vehicle that’s not in great shape. That couldn’t be further from the truth when you choose to shop Davey Auto Sales used inventory. We stock vehicles with model years as recent as 2021, and with the majority of our pre-owned inventory coming from 2020 and 2019. Not only are our vehicles relatively new, but you’re buying these like-new vehicles with low kms on them, so it’s almost just like you’re buying new! To top it all off, you’re selecting from the best brands in the industry, from Ford to Chevrolet to Toyota to Dodge and more. All vehicles are hand-selected and have already undergone our proprietary cleaning process, each one is high-quality, ready for you to drive home.

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Great Deal of Savings

A used vehicle at Davey Auto Sales gets you what you want most out of a vehicle: one in great condition and one that comes at an exceptional price. That’s the reason why so many people choose used vehicles. The savings that add up on these like-new models, will afford you the ability to get into a model with features you couldn’t otherwise. Also, the beauty of financing means you’re not paying for the vehicle you want all at once, which means you can treat yourself to an even better car, truck, SUV, or van because you don’t have to pay for the entire thing at one time. Keep your savings intact, and still get a terrific vehicle thanks to the exceptional deal of savings that come with used vehicle financing.

Incredible Value

What does a relatively new vehicle with low kms and coming at great savings add up to? An incredible value. That’s what the used vehicle shopping experience delivers to you, not only a high-quality like-new option that can be from a recent model year, but one that you can finance at great rates and through a loan that easily works for you. Get terrific value out of your purchase, a stylish and reliable vehicle, and a vehicle that works for you into the future. How does it work for you? By helping you build up your credit score, financing a vehicle is one of the best large sum ways to help set yourself back down a path of credit recovery. The value of financing a used vehicle is wide-ranging, and it’s no wonder why it’s such a popular method.

Want to experience the value of financing a used vehicle for yourself? Our team here at Davey Auto Sales is more than happy to assist, helping you along our seamless process that will get you approved then matched to the perfect vehicle. For any questions, or just to start right now, please contact us, today!

May 28th, 2021