A stock photo of two people speaking in a dealership.

Can You Lease a Car After Bankruptcy? Buying a vehicle should never be an impulse decision. A poorly timed large purchase can put a person’s financial house into chaos. All of those potential pr...

January 22nd, 2024
A stock photo of a woman getting new keys.

Is it Better to Trade-In or Sell Your Car Privately? A person has a lot of decisions to make when they decide to buy a vehicle. Among the first things you must decide is whether you’ll trade you...

January 18th, 2024
A stock photo of a person scraping snow off a windshield.

What Should Be In Your Car’s Winter Emergency Kit? Winter driving in Canada requires extra care and planning. First, vehicle owners will want to make sure they have a good set of winter or snow ...

January 14th, 2024
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What to Do If You Can’t Afford Your Car Loan Anymore? You did all the research and you saved up the money to put a substantial downpayment on a pre-owned car, truck, or SUV. Things are going gre...

December 23rd, 2023
A stock photo of a person matching paint colours.

What Should You Fix Before Trading in Your Car? Buying a vehicle is more than just showing up at the Davey Auto Sales lot and picking one out. You’ll need to decide what to do with the one in yo...

December 19th, 2023
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What Does a VIN Tell You? If you’ve ever bought or sold a car, you’ve had to write its vehicle identification number (VIN) down a few times. This long string of numbers and letters is more tha...

November 23rd, 2023
A stock photo of an over excited driver.

Cars to Avoid Buying for New Drivers There is nothing like the getting your first car. For all the freedom it provides, it also carries an equal, if not greater, amount of responsibility. That goe...

November 19th, 2023
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How Do You Get a Bad Credit Car Loan? There are very few people who purchase a used vehicle without financing. That means finding a loan provider that will provide the most affordable solution. If...

November 15th, 2023
A stock photo of a country road in the fall.

Safety Tips for Driving During Autumn The changing of the seasons in Ontario is one of the best parts of living in this area. Every season comes with driving challenges. Safe drivers are often the...

October 22nd, 2023
A stock photo of a person working on a car battery.

How Do You Prevent a Car Battery From Dying? Modern automobiles are basically computer-controlled gasoline generators. That means having a ready source of electricity to start the engine is crucia...

October 19th, 2023