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Top 5 Things to Look Out For When Buying a Used Vehicle

There’s a lot to keep in mind when shopping for a used vehicle, but a few things, in particular, rise above the rest as the most important to look out for when making this all-important purchase. From the condition/age of the vehicle to brand reputation to kilometres driven to accident/service history to the dealership itself, these are the top 5 things to look out for when shopping. Follow along with us at Davey Auto Sales as we delve into each of these points and outline why they’re so vital.

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1. Condition & Age of the Vehicle

This one may be obvious, but it bears repeating. Just because a vehicle is “old” doesn’t mean it’s in bad condition, a careful and considerate driver may leave an older vehicle in better shape than a more careless driver with a newer model. As well, look to see if there’s any work to be done, whether functionally or just for your own convenience, as well as any service/repair that’s been done on the vehicle in the past. Shopping here at Davey Auto Sales means this won’t be a concern, given our high standard of vehicle inventory, inspections and cleanliness, but is still important to keep in mind.

2. Reputation of Brand

The beauty of shopping at a used dealership is that unlike shopping at a brand-name new dealership you aren’t restricted to looking at one, or a handful, of brands. Used shopping provides a wide inventory of options, from traditional makes to luxury, from coupes to pickups. Even still, with all of that choice, make sure you know the reputation of each brand and model that you’re really interested in. Being that it’s a used vehicle, is it known for reliability? Are there common issues with the particular year or model to keep in mind? Know what to expect from the vehicle you’re about to purchase.

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3. Kilometres Driven

Obviously, when browsing through a used vehicle inventory you’ll be met with a variety of models with a modicum of kilometres having already been driven on it. Make sure to keep this in mind when shopping for your vehicle, as you’ll want to prioritize vehicles that have low to average mileage, where possible. Keep in mind that the average vehicle gets about 15,000 to 20,000 km of mileage per year, so take that into account when observing a vehicle that may have seen more use than normal.

4. History of the Vehicle

Utilize access to CarFax Canada vehicle history reports (available here at Davey Auto Sales for our vehicles) as well as checking the VIN number to see the history of the vehicle, from any accidents it has been in, service history or recalls. This easily lets you know exactly what the vehicle has been through, whether it’s been largely uneventful, or has seen a tumultuous  life, letting you properly gauge its worthiness as your next vehicle for the years ahead.

5. Reputation of Dealership

Who you are buying your vehicle from is majorly important, not just in the trust in quality but also with the availability of warranties and service. That’s why we recommend you shop with a dealership rather than privately, so you can rely on a business who’s specifically skilled in helping set you up with the best vehicle possible, co-ordinate the best financing plan and provide after-sale services. Luckily, when you deal with us here at Davey Auto Sales you get all of that to the nth degree, as we’ve been in operation since 1977 helping people just like you get a reliable vehicle from our high quality selection, complete with in-house warranty, all part of the Davey Value Program.
If you’re ready to put the above guidance to work, come see us, today, at Davey Auto Sales and shop our high quality, clean used inventory. Our team is ready and waiting to help you through every step of the process, from shopping to financing to warranty assistance and beyond.

Oct 29th, 2021