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What to Look Out for When Buying a Used Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles grow more and more popular by the year, which also, in turn, increases the likelihood that you may see one in a used inventory selection the next time you’re searching for your next used vehicle. Those looking to drive an efficient model, cut down on gas and one at a value price will be well served by a used electric vehicle. There are a variety of EV models on the market, with their own unique features to look out for when browsing, so let Davey Auto Sales clue you in on a few things to keep in mind on your next search. Know what type of driving you’re looking to do, whether for short or long range, then take into account these tips below.

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What to Look Out for When Buying a Used Vehicle


The battery being the fundamental component of an electric vehicle should stand to reason that inspecting its condition and quality is tantamount to purchasing a used electric vehicle in good form. Lithium ion batteries, like any other type of battery, break down over time, which leads to poor battery performance and charging ability. Most EV models have display screen information that you can check regarding the battery status. Also, ask if the battery has ever been replaced, and know that typical battery warranties last between 8-10 years, to give you a good idea of the current status of the battery from when the vehicle was originally purchased. Ensure all of the proper documents are in order.


Understand the charging side of an electric vehicle purchase as well, as this may require subsequent additional costs to your home to properly equip it with a home charging station. This is, obviously, the desired long-term and expected nature of charging your vehicle at home, but be aware of both the logistics and additional cost that is associated with purchasing and setting up the home charging station at your home.

Road Test

Just like any vehicle, a road test is a crucial part of shopping for your used electric vehicle. Be on the lookout and listen for anything off, whether it be an odd noise or vibration during the driving the vehicle. Make note of any display screen information that may present onboard warnings that may need to be addressed. As well, ensure that you fully look over the CARFAX report and understand all that the vehicle has been through since arriving in front of you.

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Weather Effects

Another key feature to look out for, and one that is especially important for us living and driving here in Canada is the presence of a thermal management system. Some EVs are affected by extreme weather and large shifts in temperature more than others, and a thermal management system keeps the battery at a prime temperature, preventing it from losing range. This system onboard your desired electric vehicle is a great boon for a purchase here in Oshawa, and especially the cold winter months.

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Sep 20th, 2022