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How to Research the Right Car for You

A vehicle is a big purchase in one’s life, so as much as you may want to just walk in and buy one, there’s a lot to research when it comes to finding a vehicle that works for your needs, budget and taste. Fortunately, in today’s world, researching a car, truck, SUV or van is as easy as ever, both online and in-person. Your friend and family are a great resource, but so is the seemingly limitless online world of vehicle research. Of course, you can always come straight to the source of a dealership and see your next potential vehicle with your own eyes. Read on as we go over the top 4 best ways to research your next vehicle and to get to know what could be your next great purchase.

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1. Ask Friends & Family

Most likely you have friends and family with their own unique selection of vehicles, and everyone has an opinion about their latest car buying experience and the current vehicle that they’re driving. Ask your trusted friends and family about their vehicles, what they like and dislike, what they’ve come to know about these specific models. Not only will you get an honest appraisal of their vehicle, but if one sticks out to you you can get a first-hand experience by getting a test drive or even borrowing it for an extended period of time. Ask those closest to you about their vehicle and you may just find your own next vehicle sooner than you think.

2. Research Online

The beauty of the internet in today’s world is that practically every piece of information is available to you at your fingertips. While daunting in some aspects, this means that if you’re looking to research a product, you can get a lot of work done just from the comfort of your home. Whether it be online reviews, consumer reports, YouTube videos, blogs and more, there’s an endless amount of research available to be done on almost any vehicle you can think of, done by people just like you as well as automotive companies. Take advantage of the ease of online research and get a good feel of what vehicle may be perfect for you.

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3. Visit Dealerships

As easy as researching online is, it’s missing one key component, seeing the vehicle in person. You can only learn so much about a vehicle online until there finally comes a point where you need to experience it in person, to see if it lives up to your expectations and so you can actually physically touch it and take it for a test drive, an all-important part of vehicle buying. A used vehicle dealership such as ours here at Davey Auto Sales stocks a wide range of both brands and vehicle types, so you won’t be limited and can research and shop through a deep selection of vehicles. Get up-close-and-personal with the vehicles you’re interested in and see them in person.

4. View Vehicle History Reports

While a lot of our above research may be more of a general approach to models, when you’ve narrowed a vehicle down or are inquiring about a specific one at a dealership, their vehicle history report is an important piece of learning about the history of that specific vehicle. These CARFAX Canada reports will detail the history of the vehicle, including service work, safety recalls and more. This will help you make an informed decision on the purchase of the vehicle, so beyond knowing the model and vehicle type you also know the life that this vehicle has been through.

Research & Buy a Used SUV at Davey Auto Sales

If all the research sources are a bit much and you frankly just don’t have the time or believed expertise to find a vehicle that suits you perfectly, our Davey Auto Sales team would love to help you out. Our seasoned sales team has a long history of finding our Oshawa customers their next favourite vehicle. Contact us, today, and we’ll walk you through the entire process, and find you options that fit exactly what you need.

Mar 18th, 2022