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What Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Vehicle?

Almost everybody needs a vehicle at some point in their life, but it doesn’t mean everybody is an expert on vehicles and thus, knowing what to look for and ask for when shopping can be hard to know. We’re the used vehicle experts here at Davey Auto Sales, and thought it would be best to share some of our knowledge and let shoppers in on what some of the best questions are to ask when looking to buy a used vehicle. A team like ours will always help you every step of the way through the buying experience but ensure you have these questions in mind whenever shopping for your next vehicle.

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What is the Year & Mileage?

Shopping at a dealership like ours, the year and mileage will be clear on the vehicle, whether online or in person, but it is something you should always keep in mind. Obviously, the higher the mileage, the more the vehicle has been through and may be more susceptible to wear and tear issues. Whether clear or not, make sure you ask the year and mileage of any vehicle you’re interested in, and ensure the answer is clear.

Have There Been Any Service, Repair or Recall Issues?

Buying from a dealership such as ours at Davey Auto Sales you know you’re getting used vehicles in top quality, but it’s always a good idea to ask about any current or past mechanical issues that the vehicle may be experiencing. 

Is there a Vehicle History Report and Maintenance Records?

Related to the last point, you will want to get a full picture of the life that the vehicle has been through, and ask for any vehicle history reports or maintenance records that spell out any major repair or recall work that may have been done on the vehicle. Here at Davey Auto Sales we provide CARFAX Canada reports with all of our vehicles, so you’ll know exactly what went on with the vehicle’s history.

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Is there Any Exterior or Interior Damage?

As much as you may read about a specific used vehicle online, you always need to check out the vehicle in person with your own eyes. Ask about any exterior or interior damage that the vehicle may have suffered, and observe it with your own eyes to examine the extent of such effects. There could be a big difference as to what you define as a dent to what someone else defines as such.

Am I Able to Test Drive the Vehicle?

You should always test drive the vehicle you’re interested in, as echoed by the above points to get a true feel of the vehicle you’re interested in. Test drives should always be granted, and are available here at Davey Auto Sales when shopping for a used vehicle. Test drives truly give you a feel of what driving the car feels like, as well as allowing you to test any on-board systems and give yourself peace-of-mind and confirmation that everything is working as it should.

How does the Trade-in Process Work?

We at Davey Auto Sales accept trade-in vehicles, and would love to buy your vehicle. Always ask about the trade-in process, so you can get your current vehicle off your hands and get a discounted price off of your new ride. Our team will walk you through the entire process, and make it as simple as can be.

Buy a Used Vehicle at Davey Auto Sales

Put all of these questions into practice and come shop for your next used vehicle here at Davey Auto Sales in Oshawa. We stock the cleanest used cars you can buy, all of which have been thoroughly hand-picked to ensure you have the best selection to choose from, across SUVs, cars, pickups, vans and more, all from the top brands. Contact our Davey Auto Sales team, today, and benefit from our decades of experience helping customers just like you find the next used vehicle of their dreams.

Sep 27th, 2022