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How You’re Protected When Buying a Used Vehicle at Davey Auto Sales

Buying a vehicle is a big decision, one that comes with many questions and hesitancies from prospective buyers. Many shoppers are wary of the dealership experience, citing past history and words from friends and family. Davey Auto Sales works a bit differently in providing you a safe and secure buying experience that you can trust, protecting you every step of the way through selecting a vehicle, financing, ownership, service and beyond. Read on with us below as we outline how you’re protected when you buy a used vehicle with us at Davey Auto Sales.

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Over 40 Years of Dealership Experience

We’ve been a family owned and operated business since 1977, and in those 4+ decades since we’ve seen it all in our time serving the Durham region. That time was spent garnering the trust of those in and around Oshawa as the standard-bearer for how the car buying process should operate, and the level of quality one should expect from a used vehicle. We know that everybody drives, and everybody deserves a high quality car, truck, SUV or van, and our long-tenured finance team always endeavors to work with your financial background to find you a vehicle that works within your budget. Trust in Davey Auto Sales and trust in over 40 years of dealership experience.

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High Quality Inventory of Vehicles

As much as you need to trust the location and people you’re buying the vehicle from, you also need to trust in the actual vehicle you’ll be getting, especially if it’s used. By buying from Davey Auto Sales you can trust that you’ll be purchasing from an inventory of hand-picked, high quality vehicles that were specifically chosen so that you have the best to choose from. Not only that but our proprietary dry cleaning method contributes to the many cleaning processes we put these vehicles through, ensuring each and every vehicle is showroom-ready as one of the cleanest used vehicles you’ll find in Oshawa.

Davey Warranty Program

After you’ve visited us and driven home in your choice vehicle, the trust and confidence in our dealership still remains intact. This is through our Davey Warranty Program, providing extensive coverage of your vehicle. Should your vehicle need repairs, our extended warranty covers both parts and labour, getting you back out on the road quick, without breaking the bank and letting you drive with peace of mind knowing you’re covered. Our warranty coverage covers many important systems like:

  • 4×4/AWD systems
  • Air conditioning
  • Engine
  • Free diagnostics
  • Major seals & gaskets
  • Transmission/transaxle (automatic & manual)
  • Supercharger
  • Turbocharger

If you’re a little bit apprehensive about buying a vehicle from a dealership, you don’t have to be here with us at Davey Auto Sales. Contact us, today, and we’ll walk you through the entire process, and field any questions you may have. See why we’ve been Oshawa’s trusted choice for used vehicles since 1977!

Jan 19th, 2022