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How to Find the Right Used Vehicle for You

It’s a lot of fun shopping for a vehicle and going through all of the various choices that could end up in your driveway. It’s vital, though, that you do some research beforehand and ensure you end up with the proper vehicle that fits your needs, budget and desires. Do you really need a pickup if you aren’t going to use it to its full potential? If you’ve got a young and growing family, perhaps a compact car isn’t the best choice. Follow along with us here at Davey Auto Sales as we break down a few of the top considerations you should be taking in mind when deciding on your next used vehicle.

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You may desire a certain size of a vehicle, but it may not be best for what you’re going to be using your vehicle for day in and day out. If it’s just you, a car may be in order, but for a big family, an SUV or van is almost always going to be the optimal choice. Those who love to adventure and get outdoors on the weekend may also look to gravitate toward an SUV. Those whose work demands the ultimate in performance and reliability may see extra benefit from a pickup.


All vehicles across the years and across brands have a variety of safety features, whether traditional or advanced through the latest technology. But, if safety is of a particular concern of yours, look toward a used vehicle from the last few years, so you can be sure of receiving the latest safety tech available. Also, be sure to check safety ratings online if you’re particularly concerned about a certain make or model.

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Fuel Efficiency

Fuel consumption is always a common concern when vehicle shopping, and particularly now with our rising gas prices that has everybody doing a double-take at the pumps. Paying for gas is a big part of vehicle ownership and should not be overlooked when shopping for your next vehicle. Obviously, smaller vehicles are better on fuel than a big pickup or SUV, so this means you should be particularly smart when picking out a vehicle that you’ll actually take advantage of. In other words, if you’re paying for all of that fuel for a pickup, you better be using it to its full abilities to make it worth the extra price. As well, look into hybrid options, which are becoming more and more prevalent in the used marketplace.


Power may or may not be a factor for you when shopping, as obviously, different vehicles come with varying levels of power. This is another category where it’s dependent on what you’re looking to get out of your vehicle. If you’re just using it to commute and run errands, it’s probably not a big focus, but if you’re looking to take your vehicle off-roading or enjoy the open road, look for a vehicle that matches your performance demands.

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While the above categories could be copied over into new vehicle shopping, the mileage consideration is uniquely, and importantly, a used vehicle factor. The mileage on the odometer plays a large factor in determining its price and will affect your willingness to purchase it, knowing how much possible wear and tear has been on the vehicle already. Pay close attention to the posted mileage and ensure you factor it into your purchasing considerations. Canadians, on average, rack up about 20,000 km a year on a vehicle, so keep that in mind when shopping for vehicles with multiple years on them.


Budget is, of course, another huge factor when it comes to buying a used vehicle. The used vehicle market is wide and varied with so many options to choose from, some of those which may be enticing but out of your price range. As much as you might want to see how you can make it work to buy a vehicle you truly love that’s out of your price range, it’s best to stick within a budget range to find a vehicle that you not only love but can actually afford safely, month in and month out.

Buy a Used Vehicle at Davey Auto Sales

The best place to put all these considerations together and in action to buy a used vehicle is here at Davey Auto Sales. We stock a wide variety of cars, trucks, SUVs and vans to help you find the right vehicle for you that stays within your budget. Our skilled dealership team has years of experience helping customers just like you buy the right vehicle for their lifestyle. From shopping to financing to service, we’ll assist you every step of the way. Come see why we have the cleanest used cars in Oshawa and drive home in one, today.

Aug 15th, 2022