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How to Pick Out a Used Truck?

Pickup trucks are fantastic platforms and hold a special place on the Davey Auto Sales roster. These incredible models have been built from the ground up to deliver maximum performance, capability, and flexibility. There are several kinds of trucks on the market today, mostly full- or midsize; however, compact trucks are starting to make a slight comeback. If you’re in the market for a used pickup truck, you might also be wondering about the best way to pick one from our inventory. Let’s take a closer look at some information you might need to know.

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Why Buy a Used Truck?

In the right hands there isn’t much a pickup truck can’t do for its owners. Sure, pickup trucks started life as a work vehicle but modern models rival the rest of the automotive industry in terms of ride quality and comfort features. Obviously, the best reason to take home a pre-owned truck from Davey Auto Sales is because your dollar will go a lot further on our lot versus buying the current model year version of the same truck. This means that a buyer may be able to afford something with more power, more advanced features or both. 

Also, pre-owned trucks offer a much lower rate of depreciation than new trucks. If a truck is kept in the best condition possible, trading it in for the next one will be much easier on the buyer’s wallet. 

Tips for Picking Out a Used Truck

When some arrives at the Davey Auto Sales facility, it’s very helpful to understand their needs. Are you buying a used truck to pull trailers full of ATVs, dirtbikes or jetskis? Do you want to start taking on more DIY projects around the house? Will you only occasionally be hauling some stuff around? All of these things, and more, need to be considered during the truck-buying process. There are three main areas we like to see customers think about when they’re buying a truck.

  • Hauling: Loading up the cargo bed of a pickup truck is arguably the most important function it can perform for buyers. Most light-duty trucks will be able to haul between 680 kg and 1,580 kg. This is likely more than enough capacity for the bulk of truck customers.
  • Towing: The ability to pull an adequate amount of weight is another major factor in picking out a truck. Actual towing capacity will be determined by how the truck is configured, including its engine performance, additional transmission equipment and available hitch options.
  • Off-Road Capacity: Most trucks will offer more ground clearance than SUVs or cars. This is one of the factors in determining how well it will perform off-road. If you plan on taking your truck where there are no roads, you’ll want to make sure you have an appropriate four-wheel drive system and other traction controls.

There is a lot for customers to know and understand when they’re buying a pre-owned pickup truck. Everyone at Davey Auto Sales is here to help. Make an appointment with one of our product experts, today, if there is something we can do to help.

Oct 15th, 2022