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What are the Best Used Vehicles for Fall & Winter in Canada?

Life in Canada during the fall and winter seasons requires a lot of changes to our everyday life. One of the biggest is driving safely during these often treacherous conditions, which means you need a vehicle that can meet these demands. But what exactly are the best vehicles to drive for Canadians during the fall and winter? Our Davey Auto Sales team thought it best to outline a couple of vehicle highlights that shoppers may be interested in when it comes to safe travel in the snow and ice. Read on to explore some of the top car, SUV and pickup truck options for the seasons.

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Toyota RAV4

There are few surprises as to why the Toyota RAV4 continues to be a popular vehicle choice for individuals and families from coast-to-coast here in Canada. Whatever you need a vehicle for, and whatever environment you need to drive through, the Toyota RAV4 is up to the task. Whether that be slushy and slippery roads from your house to work or the grocery store, or more unwieldy roads in the country, the RAV4 and its AWD, along with a higher ground clearance, are primed for fall and winter life in Canada.

Rear side view of Honda CR-V driving with snow beside the road

Honda CR-V

If we’re talking about popular vehicles for Canadians, then the Honda CR-V needs to be mentioned as well, for many of the same reasons as the Toyota RAV4. This top-tier crossover has remained forever popular thanks to its year-round versatility. It’s not just about its AWD ability during those unpredictable fall and winter months but also its interior amenities and space that keep everybody comfortable, warm and with all the space they need.

Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler is, perhaps, the top vehicle on the market that, just based on looks alone, looks ready to tackle anything that the fall and winter weather have to offer. This rugged Jeep is the landmark model of the illustrious brand’s lineup, providing exceptional ground clearance, 4WD, a powerful engine and additional drive mode and performance features that specifically tune it for success in the winter and fall. It may not have the most modern SUV look, but it trades that off with high-level end-of-year driving success.

Subaru WRX

Our theme above has highlighted crossover SUVs and traditional SUVs, as they’re especially primed to offer versatile success over a wide variety of conditions, but the best vehicles for those seasons don’t end with those. For those who like sedans more than SUVs, take a look at the Subaru WRX. The WRX model is often regarded as having one of the best AWD systems on the market, allowing you to stay ready for tough conditions while still driving an incredibly sporty and stylish performance sedan.

Close-up of Ram 1500 grille

Ram 1500

Sometimes you just need to tackle the elements head-on with the best in size and capability, and there’s no better way to do that than in a pickup truck, namely a Ram 1500. From a selection of high-performance engines to incredible towing and hauling ability to its large size, the Ram 1500 is the perfect vehicle for those who love pickups to meet winter driving with confidence and ability.

Buy a Used Vehicle at Davey Auto Sales

Whatever vehicle you’re interested in, no matter the season, Davey Auto Sales can help you find the perfect used option for you. If you’re not sure what would be best for you, our team is more than happy to help you shop and set you up with a vehicle that works for your lifestyle and budgetary needs. Davey Auto Sales has the cleanest used vehicles in Oshawa, available for you to shop, today.

Sep 29th, 2022