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5 Situations That Make a Used Vehicle the Perfect Purchase

There are many decisions that come with buying a car, chief among them is whether to shop for a new or a used vehicle. While a new vehicle may give you that initial pride of being its first owner, there are a lot of circumstances that make buying used a much more advantageous path to go down. At Davey Auto Sales we’re obviously a big fan of used vehicles, and have put together a top 5 list of some of the top situations that are perfect for buying a used vehicle. More and more people are buying used, and for good reason, so follow along with us and see why others have agreed that buying a used vehicle just makes sense.

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1. If You’re Buying on a Budget

This is often one of the biggest deterrents from buying new is that sky-high price that can just somehow keep climbing when you’re at a new vehicle dealership, from loaded trim levels to package add-ons and accessories, that new car price can get high quickly. Instead, buying used lets you stick to a budget of yours more easily, and be confident that the price you see will be what you’ll pay, without any add-ons or surprise packages. If you’re on a budget, buying used is the sensible choice. 

2. If You Don’t Want to be Tied up in Long-Term Financing

Nobody likes to be tied up in a long-term payment plan, and with buying used comes a high price that you’ll most likely have to commit to a financing agreement or a lease to afford. Used vehicles on the other hand can more easily be bought directly in full, or have a payment plan that won’t be nearly as long as a new vehicle, thanks to the used options much lower price. Don’t get tied up in long-term financing and have to keep paying for years, and instead buy used.

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3. If You’re a New Driver

If you’re a new driver, and looking for your first vehicle, it doesn’t make much sense to pay a large amount for a new vehicle, especially when you’re new to driving, and may not even be totally sure what kind of vehicle you’d like for the long-term. Buying a used vehicle allows you to keep initial costs down and make a sensible financial decision on your first vehicle, and then makes it easy to upgrade into something a little bit nice once you get some more experience out on the road and truly find what kind of vehicle (and brands) you love.

4. If You Need a Second Vehicle for Your Family

If your family is growing, or you just find that one vehicle won’t cut it for those in your household anymore, whether it’s you and your partner getting to your respective jobs, taking your kids to school and their various activities, or for your kids themselves, a second car can take a lot of stress out of things. Since this is going to be your “secondary” vehicle there’s no sense in breaking the bank and getting something new and expensive. Thus, this is the perfect situation for a used vehicle, which comes at a great price and more than helps accomplish your daily household tasks and commuting.

5. If You Need a Starter Vehicle for Your Teen Driver

It’s a pivotal moment in any teen’s life, their first car. While every kid dreams about getting the newest and flashiest car, that isn’t realistic in most cases, and a used vehicle provides the perfect starter option to learn on and keep costs low. Of course, buying used still means that your teen can get a great vehicle, just one more attuned to their needs of learning, basic driving and ensuring that you can purchase it within a tight budget as they get used to the road (and save some of that extra money for any unfortunate repair or maintenance that may follow).
There’s a wide range of situations that are perfect for a used vehicle purchase, and here at Davey Auto Sales we can happily make it a reality. Whether you’re operating on a tight budget, it’s your first vehicle, your family needs a second car or you’re gifting your teen with their first, we have the inventory and decades of knowledge to provide you with a high quality purchase and experience. Contact us, today, to find your next used vehicle.

Dec 24th, 2021