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5 Reasons to Buy a Used Car vs. a New Car

There are a lot of decisions that go into the entire car buying process experience, and possibly one of the largest is whether you should buy a new car or a used car. Ultimately, it depends on what you’re looking for the most out of a vehicle, and what your budget looks like, but we’ve gathered together 5 top reasons why a used car purchase is better than a new car purchase. From a lower price, lesser depreciation, value features, variety of options and more research ability, buying a used car is an easy choice for any buyer.

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Lower Price

If you’re working with a specific budget, or don’t have much money to spare, buying a used car is the way to go. New cars are certainly some of the cheapest of new vehicles, but can still easily rise quickly in price, especially with add-ons and accessories. You may think the higher price for the new car is worth it given the latest model year, but you can still get a quality used car from recent model years (like here at Davey Auto Sales) that make that price difference worth it.

Depreciation Value

Buying a used car means buying a vehicle that has already experienced the largest piece of its depreciation. That significant part of depreciation happens right after you buy that new vehicle and drive it off the lot, when it no longer can be claimed as a “new” vehicle. Used cars experience their own level of depreciation, but nowhere near the level of that new car’s first hit of depreciation. Buy a used car and don’t get stuck with losing that value through unavoidable depreciation.

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Value Features

As outlined in our “cost” section, what buying new does get you is the ability to get the latest features and the ease of customizing your new car with the perfect combination of features. But just because you’re buying used doesn’t mean you can’t get a loaded car with all the features you want, you may just have to do a bit more looking and be a bit more discerning, but in return you will be able to find them at a better price. As well, maybe the latest edition of a model removed a feature you liked on a previous model year, buying used means you’re able to buy that older version and experience that feature you love so much.

Wide Selection of Options

More and more we’re seemingly living in a crossover SUV-obsessed world, and while they are popular for a reason, they’re not for everyone. Still, you’ll find most brands’ new vehicle lineups filled with a lot of SUV options, with little car options. That’s not the case on the used market, which opens up a huge selection of options, from current models to ones from yesteryear that may fit your eye. Not only that but more and more dealers are looking to acquire used cars given the challenges of the new inventory market, so there may be even more used selection than normal.

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More Research Material

New cars are just that, new, which means there’s only a finite amount of information, research and reviews done on them. If you’re someone who loves doing intensive research on your next model, whether reading online reviews from automotive sites, watching videos, asking your family or anything else, there may be a limited set of information on that model. Used vehicles, though, have most likely been around for a few years, which means there’s both more actual content about said vehicles from previous owners and more time to get accurate and fulfilling information for your research.

Buy a Used Car at Davey Auto Sales

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Mar 31st, 2022