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5 Reasons to Buy a Used Truck instead of a New Truck

The glitz and top-level features of buying a new pickup truck may be enticing, but there’s several reasons why it’s just not worth it, and you’re better off purchasing a used pickup. A used truck comes at a cheaper price, with less depreciation, a variety of feature & package options to choose from, is already “broken in” and is still as durable as you’d expect a pickup to be. Follow along with us at Davey Auto Sales as we break down the top 5 reasons why buying a used truck is better than buying a new truck.

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5 Situations to Buy Used

1. Cheaper Price

New pickup trucks are some of the most expensive vehicles on the market, and that’s even just on lower-level trims and before you get into adding on any additional features and packages. While trucks are made to haul, tow and help out on the jobsite, the reality is that a lot of people don’t even use them to that full potential, which means you can shop for a used pickup that’s a few years old and who doesn’t have any excessive wear and tear due to tough use. Especially at a dealership such as ours at Davey Auto Sales where we only put the best quality vehicles out for sale, you’ll be certain you’re getting a top quality pickup at value used prices.

Side view from below of muddy pickup truck driving in mud

2. Durability

Trucks are made to handle it all, whether it’s intense towing, tackling off-road terrain, driving to hockey practice or just to the store. Pickups consistently rate high on reliability ratings due to their hauling and towing capability, which demands that these trucks can not only take on heavy weight, but do so over long periods of time and hold up for years to come. Trucks are durable, so when shopping for a used model you can browse knowing that the truck you see in front of you most likely has years of top potential left under its hood and durable design.

3. Choice of Features & Packages

You’ve most likely dreamed about owning a pickup fully decked out in the latest and greatest of packages and add-on accessories that make it all the more luxurious, capable, stylish or convenient. Unfortunately, doing so when buying new can drive that price up sky high, but buying used can help drop that price right back down. Buying used gives you a wide variety of options to choose from of trucks that do have feature and package upgrades, but nowhere near at the price you’d have to pay new, just being a few years old and slightly used. Not only find the used truck you want, but one with additional packages that’ll make it truly unique, and all at a lesser price.

Pickup truck wit a plow, clearing snow

4. Better for Towing & Performance

As advanced and powerful as modern truck engines are, it’s not always the best idea to take a new truck and throw it into the deep end by doing a lot of heavy towing and hauling right out of the gate. This can lead to stress on the engine, transmission and driveline. You need to “break” the truck in for a bit, and get some kilometres under its belt before you put it to work with anything major, lest you strain your truck. Thus, this is the perfect situation for used trucks to save the day, they’re already broken in and have lots of experience out on the road already, so if you need one to go to work for you now, a used truck is your best, safest bet.

5. Less Depreciation

This final point goes hand-in-hand with our initial point of cost savings, but more so in the long-term. Buying a used truck not only saves you money initially, but also helps you ignore the mass depreciation that occurs when you buy a new truck. Sure, your used truck will depreciate as well, but nowhere near the level of what you’d pay for a new pickup and the resulting depreciation once you drove it off the lot. A used truck has already taken that large depreciation hit, and thus you’ll only see small value losses, which equals the higher possibility of regaining a great value for it should you look to sell in the future.

Ready to shop for your next pickup truck? Start by browsing our extensive truck inventory here at Davey Auto Sales in Oshawa. We’ll guide you through the entire process, and have you driving home in the truck of your dreams in no time!

Nov 25th, 2021