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5 Reasons to Buy a Used SUV vs. a New SUV

SUVs and crossovers have quickly become the most popular vehicle type on the market. Add in the extensiveness of used inventory vs. new inventory and you’re met with a wide variety of options to shop for in, perhaps, the most focused on segment of vehicles today by automakers. When making your SUV purchase, why should you buy used instead of new? Buying a used SUV comes at a cheaper price, with less depreciation, more options and the easier ability to find the perfect one for you. Follow along with us here at Davey Auto Sales as we take a deep dive into the top 5 reasons why buying a used SUV is better than buying a new SUV. 

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Less Depreciation

Fully-loaded SUVs nowadays can often be the same price as fully-loaded trucks. There’s more accessories, packages and options than ever, increasing that new SUV price, and thus increasing its depreciation. When you purchase a used SUV instead, you’re getting better value as you’ve avoided that initial chunk of depreciation lost on a new vehicle, letting you hold its value better than a new option thanks to only a small initial depreciation hit on the used model.

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Cheaper Price

Falling in line with our previous point, new SUVs can be quite expensive to begin with, and that’s even just on base trims and before you add on any upgrades. Sure, used SUVs can still be pricey in their own right, but it all depends on the model, year, brand etc.. On the whole, a used SUV will come much cheaper than a new SUV, and while it may be lightly used and a few years old and not contain the most latest features, that trade-off in price is most often worth it, especially with how advanced SUVs of only a few years ago still are.

The Features You Want at a Great Value

To be certain, one of the prime drawbacks of not buying a used SUV and going the new SUV route is the ability to specifically customize your SUV with the exact features, add-ons and accessories you want. You can’t do that with a used SUV, or at least to the level that you can with a new SUV, but what buying used does give you is more options to find an SUV loaded with the features you want, or close to it, and as well coming in at a better value price. Maybe you might not get every single feature or upgrade you’re looking for, but the lesser price certainly helps make that an easier pill to swallow.

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Variety of Model Options

Put simply, there are around three times as many vehicles on the used market than there are for new vehicles. That puts a lot more variety of SUV options at your disposal, across brands, model years, traditional vs. luxury and more. Not only that but the new vehicle segment is under a lot of stress given the effects wrought by the pandemic. It may take even longer to actually get the new vehicle you want. On the other side of the coin, used vehicle inventory has become a prime focus, with dealers acquiring more of it, allowing you a better choice of options when shopping.

Ease of Research

If you’re someone who loves to do intensive research on your next purchase, used SUV shopping provides that much more material to dive into than a new SUV. Surely, there will be many reviews and YouTube looks at new SUV models, but there’s only so much to learn given their newness and the fact that there won’t be many reviews and testimonials yet from real people like you. Looking at used SUVs, though, provides you with countless real-world reviews and reports online from people like you, so you can get an honest assessment of the SUV you’ve got your eyes on.

Buy a Used SUV at Davey Auto Sales

If you’re ready to welcome a used SUV in your life, whether for your family, convenience, off-roading or more, our team here at Davey Auto Sales can help you find the right one. Our inventory is hand-picked, and features the cleanest used SUVs you’ll find in Oshawa. Contact us to shop now, and to apply for a quick & easy auto loan.

Feb 23rd, 2022