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5 Reasons to Buy a Used Minivan vs. a New Minivan

Whether it be for your growing family, or maybe your life and job that requires you to carry around a large amount of cargo, a minivan may be the perfect vehicle for you. If you’re trying to decide between a new or a used minivan, the team at Davey Auto Sales is here to help make the decision a little bit easier. Buying a used minivan over a new minivan is the optimal choice thanks to its lesser depreciation, a cheaper price, durability, variety of choice and ease to upgrade. Read on as we break down all of these top reasons in greater detail.

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What are the Advantages of Buying a Used Vehicle?


Depreciation is always the big one when it comes to the used vehicle advantage over buying new. Rapid depreciation sets in on the new minivan as soon as you drive it off the lot, shedding a large chunk of its value only with you just purchasing the vehicle. The used minivan you purchase will already have the major part of that depreciation in the rear view mirror, so you’ll be paying for a vehicle with a price more representative of its current condition, and thus at a cheaper rate.

Cheaper Price

Along with the depreciation issues on a new vehicle also comes the fact that you’ll have to be buying a new vehicle at a higher price. Sure, you’ll get the latest and greatest features, the ability to say you have the newest model and no worry of previous repair or service issues. A used vehicle, though, can still satisfy all of those needs for you, especially buying here from Davey Auto Sales. Buying used still allows you to buy recent year models, and the ones here at Davey Auto Sales have been hand-picked to the highest standard, inspected and cleaned with our proprietary cleaning method. Save your money and buy used.

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Let’s face it, if you’re buying a minivan chances are you’re going to have a handful of kids in tow, or at the very least require its unique services for its large storage space. That means that your minivan is going to have a higher likelihood of experiencing spills, bumps, scrapes and more that comes with the territory of having kids or consistently loading cargo in and out. Unfortunately, your vision of a clean and new minivan most likely won’t be a reality for long. A used minivan, while still in great condition, may be more amenable to you and the likelihood of an interior that has to consistently face children and gear.

Variety of Choice

Pretty much every brand has at least a model of minivan that may be perfect for you. Not only that but year-after-year comes a host of new upgrades, along with available packages and accessories that may be equipped on said minivan. Shopping new may only limit you to one model of minivan and its trims at each dealership, which doesn’t give you a convenient comparison method, and can greatly extend both your shopping time and price. Shopping used gives you a better variety of choice right in front of you, including different brands, years and accessories/package features.

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Easy to Upgrade for the Future

When your kids are little a minivan may be the perfect choice to transport your family from place to place, but as they get older you may find that it just doesn’t cut it for your needs anymore. The beauty of buying used is that since you spent so little on a used model you can easily pivot into trading in your vehicle for a new or used model, such as an SUV. Used vehicles are in high demand for dealerships across the world, so you can still get a great price on your current model and use that to get into something new-to-you.

Buy a Used Minivan at Davey Auto Sales

Davey Auto Sales is your go-to Oshawa dealership for your next used minivan purchase. We have a wide variety of choices in our inventory for you to choose from, all hand-picked to a high standard and having undergone a deep cleaning process. Contact us, today, to start the process toward your next minivan.

Feb 16th, 2022