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Is It Time To Pull Spring Tires Out of Storage?

When Should Spring Tires Be Installed?

The months of March and April are what most people think of when they consider the beginning of spring. After all, that’s what the calendar says. However, when it comes to finding the perfect time to start spring vehicle maintenance and other seasonal automotive tasks, the answer might not be as easy as circling the first day of Spring on the calendar and getting out the wrenches. So, when should spring tires be installed? Follow along with Davey Auto Sales while we take a closer look at some crucial information you might be looking for.

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Wait For Consistent Spring Weather

Just because it’s the first day of spring on the calendar that doesn’t mean that Mother Nature will also play by the rules. Random snow storms and winter-like temperatures can still be a very real possibility, even though it’s supposed to be spring. If the average daily temperature remains below 7° C, safety experts suggest keeping winter tires on your vehicle. Waiting until the average ambient temperature is above that mark will help you get the best performance out of the tires and prevent unnecessary damage to the winter tires. 

Why Can’t You Use Winter Tires All Year Long?

We love winter tires. These seemingly simple rubber rings are able to make driving on snow-covered and icy roads safer. Every winter tire uses a special rubber compound that stays soft and pliant below the golden mark of 7° C. This is the secret of their success in the coldest weather. 

However, keeping winter tires on your vehicle for too long comes with some consequences. The biggest problem with keeping winter tires on your vehicle well into the next season is increased wear and tear. Constantly driving over warm, dry will accelerate tread wear, shortening the tire’s lifespan. 

General Tips for Tire Care

Regardless of what kind of tires are currently on your vehicle, there are a few things you can do to make sure they last as long as possible.

  • Check tire pressure at least once a month
  • Inspect tires for cracks, uneven tread wear, foreign objects monthly
  • Have tires rotated regularly and on time

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Feb 12nd, 2023