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Be Prepared With the Right Docs When You’re Car Shopping

What Documents Do You Need to Buy a Used Car?

When people think about buying a pre-owned vehicle, it’s very easy to get overly preoccupied with the fun parts. However, when the time comes to do the work parts, too many people can be caught unprepared. There are a few documents people need to have with them to make sure the sale is completed properly. The team at Davey Auto Sales has found that customers with the best information are the happiest customers. Let’s take a closer look at a few pieces of information that could make your next (or first) trip to Davey Auto Sales even better.

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Paperwork to Bring to Buy a Used Car

As far as the documents you are required to the dealership to buy a pre-owned vehicle, there are only a few things. At the bare minimum, a buyer will need to bring a valid driver’s license and proof of adequate insurance coverage. If a buyer doesn’t have a driver’s license they will need to bring a licensed driver with them to take the purchased vehicle home. 

What Docs Do You Need For Financing?

In the old days, a person needed to carry around a lot of sensitive financial information to apply for automotive financing. Modern credit application systems don’t require much more than a couple of a buyer’s more recent paystubs. Thanks to many employers using technology, even those can be found online. Those paystubs can be emailed to our finance department for evaluation.

There are no two customers who are exactly the same. Everyone has a different situation and when the time comes for the financing portion of the process, your Davey Auto Sales representative will let you know exactly what the financing institution requires.

If you aren’t sure if you’re properly prepared to buy a used car, truck, or SUV, don’t worry, a Davey Auto Sales product expert can help. Make an appointment with us today.

Mar 7th, 2024