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Your Next Vehicle Purchase Can Be More Fuel-Efficient

What are the Most Fuel-Efficient Used Vehicles?

One of the most important considerations when someone is buying a pre-owned vehicle from Davey Auto Sales is its overall fuel economy. Let’s face it, the price of gasoline is probably always going to be a concern for people. People looking through the Davey Auto Sales inventory are often very curious about which vehicles are the most fuel-efficient. That subject actually covers a lot of ground. Let’s take a look at some helpful information that could be helpful during your next visit with us.

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Fuel-Efficient Types of Vehicles

There has been an explosion of fuel-saving technology in the automotive industry. However, if you are looking to get best possible fuel economy scores, compact sedans and hatchbacks continue to offer some of the best efficiency outcomes on the market. However, if you need more interior space, there are plenty of compact crossover SUVs that fit this bill as well.

One of the major leaps in fuel economy has been the wider use of turbocharged engines. Once the province of high-performance models, turbochargers allow automakers to use smaller engines to obtain better fuel economy while still providing strong performance specs. 

Can Used Pickup Trucks be Efficient?

Pickup trucks are always among the most popular vehicles sold in Canada — and for good reason. Few platforms have become more efficient than modern pickup trucks. New four- and six-cylinder engines not only use less fuel than V-8 engines, but automakers have made huge gains in getting better power output with these lower displacement engines.

If you need the capability of a truck, but want to keep an eye on your fuel economy, we could have the right pickup truck for you.

Are Used Hybrids a Good Deal?

Several automakers have been building gas/electric hybrid vehicles for quite a few years. It is not uncommon for hybrid models to make their way to Davey Auto Sales. There are a few different kinds of hybrid vehicles, some need to be plugged in to recharge the battery systems, while others do not. Regardless of which kind of hybrid model you take home, you will be making fewer stops to refill your gas tank than ever.

While purely electric vehicles are making their way to market, it will likely be a little before EV models show up at Davey Auto Sales. However, that day is coming and these vehicles will provide excellent value to buyers on the secondary market.

Consider a Used Diesel Vehicle

Diesel isn’t just for heavy equipment and big rigs. There are a lot of diesel-powered options on the market. Diesel engines are generally more efficient than a gasoline platform of similar size. This is because diesel is a more power-dense fuel, meaning that less of it is necessary to provide similar performance compared to gasoline.

If you want to learn more about the most fuel-efficient options available in the Davey Auto Sales inventory, make an appointment with one of our product experts today.

Mar 12nd, 2024