Car driving on a highway with a blur effect

Were you looking for a new vehicle but quickly got frustrated by the lack of options and inventory? We understand your pain, but even during this time you should be able to get the vehicle you wan...

June 15th, 2021
Used Vehicles
Rear view of a row of cars

It’s no secret why used vehicles are some of the best options to finance, and why pre-owned vehicles are often one of the first places drivers look to. Financing a used vehicle can get you into ...

May 28th, 2021
winter driving

We hate to say it before Halloween arrives, but winter is coming. That means that it’s the time to make sure your vehicle, or your next vehicle, is ready for Durham’s harsh winters. From snow ...

November 1st, 2018
ford f-150

The Ford F-150 continues to be Canada’s best-selling truck year-over-year. It seems like the crown has never been awarded to another truck. Here in Oshawa, that’s no different. One of our fast...

September 10th, 2018