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Are You Putting Enough Money Away For Car Emergencies?

How Much Should You Save For Car Maintenance?

Davey Auto Sales wants to help people get the most out of the vehicles they take home from our facility. While we may not have a proper service center, that doesn’t mean we don’t see the value in regular vehicle maintenance. Part of owning a vehicle is being able to properly maintain it to get the most out of the purchase. One thing people often struggle with is how much money to set aside to cover things like tires, oil changes and other unexpected issues. Our highly experienced team of automotive experts put together a few tips they have used. 

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Prepare A Car Maintenance Budget

We can’t give you a hard and fast number for how much money to set aside to take care of your car, truck, or SUV. Industry experts suggest setting aside $135 CAD each month. Obviously, this might not be enough if your vehicle is prone to experiencing a lot of breakdowns or it could be too high if you have other critical financial commitments. The point is having a car repair fund could pay for, or at least lessen the blow of an unexpected repair bill. 

The best way to set up a vehicle maintenance fund is to keep that money entirely separate from other funds, whether that means setting up a separate savings account or an envelope that can be stashed away.

How Do You Keep Repair Costs Low?

Keeping up with regular automotive maintenance is the easiest and most cost-effective way to keep surprise automotive repair bills to a minimum. Things like getting your car’s oil changed on time, rotating your tires and attending to small problems before they become major issues will cost you money annually, but far less than repairing a mechanical catastrophe. 

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Apr 20th, 2023