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Take the Time to Rethink if Your Car is Right For You

How Do You Know If You’re Driving the Right Car?

It’s perfectly natural for people to fall in love with their automobiles. Even if they might be a little worse for wear, our cars, trucks and SUVs are reflections of ourselves. However, life is fluid. Circumstances change and it can be hard to evaluate future needs. So, how do you know if you’re driving the right car? It takes a little bit of introspection and recognition of your changing lifestyle to truly understand if it’s time for a new vehicle. Let’s take a look at a few things you should consider if you’re thinking about getting a different vehicle.

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Assess Your Driving Needs

There are a few life events that will make it clear that someone will need to change their vehicle, like having a growing family or changing careers. Some important questions you’ll need to ask yourself if it’s time for a new vehicle include:

  • Passenger/cargo volume needs
  • Most common driving routes 
  • Fuel economy requirements
  • Traction control for bad weather
  • Towing
  • Available parking space

Cost of Maintenance Concerns

Every vehicle comes with costs for maintenance. One of the most common and necessary reasons a person may need to buy a vehicle is that their current one is getting to expensive and inconvenient to keep bringing into the shop. When the vehicle you’re driving every day costs more to keep on the road than it’s worth or costs more each month than a reasonable loan payment, it’s time to move on. 

Learn More On the Test Drive

Test driving a potential vehicle purchase is everyone’s favourite part of the buying process. You can do all the homework, looking at statistics and dimensions, but you won’t know if a vehicle is truly right for you until you take a few laps around the block with it. For the best results, try to find a test drive route that will best mimic your daily commute. 

If you need help deciding what kind of vehicle would be perfect for the next part of your life’s journey, make an appointment with a Davey Auto Sales product expert today.

Apr 24th, 2024