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Evaluate the Inventory Before Buying a Used Automobile

How Do You Know if a Used Car Dealer Has Good Cars?

We can’t overstate what an important purchase of a safe and reliable vehicle is. The highly experienced team at Davey Auto Sales takes its responsibility to help customers find these vehicles very seriously. So, how do you know if a used car dealer has good cars — like you will find at Davey Auto Sales. There are a few green flags you should be looking for, and our team thought it would be helpful to share this information with you. Let’s take a closer look at what they came up with to help future customers find some peace of mind.

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Condition of the Inventory

A pre-owned vehicle dealership should pass a basic eye test. Are you seeing a lot of vehicles with very visible damage? Does the concrete in the sales lot look stained with oil leaks? These are all signs that you might not have very solid options to consider. Davey Auto Sales does its best to feature vehicles in the best possible condition with the fewest possible kilometres on the odometer.

Warranty Programs

Every original equipment manufacturer offers warranty protections that can be transferred to a subsequent owner if there is time or kilometres left. A lot of pre-owned dealerships sell vehicles as is, putting all the weight on the owners. Davey Auto Sale offers a basic warranty with each vehicle, covering certain aspects. Be sure to ask one of our product experts for details.

Additionally, another red flag is if a dealership is selling a vehicle with an open recall.

Vehicle Title Not Available

A clear title is required to show who actually owns a car, truck, or SUV. If a dealership (or anyone) tries to sell you a vehicle without a title, it’s a very bad sign. A bank or other lending institution could be holding that title because they’re holding a loan. If the loan isn’t paid off and someone bought a vehicle without a title, they are at risk of having it repossessed. 

Bad Reviews

Checking online reviews is the easiest way to learn about the overall quality of any dealership operation. If there are a lot of positive reviews, that is likely a very good team to work with. If people have been leaving negative responses without any answer from the dealership, it’s probably best to avoid that place.

If you would like to see what a top-shelf pre-owned vehicle inventory looks like, make an appointment with a Davey Auto Sales product expert today.

Apr 12nd, 2024