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Check Out These Simple Tips to Get You the Best Price for your Car

How Do You Get the Best Price For Your Car?

The key to making your next vehicle purchase from Davey Auto Sales more affordable might be sitting in your driveway. Trading in your current to defray the cost is a time-honoured tradition in the automotive industry. Too many people leave money on the table by leaving very fixable things unaddressed. So, how do you get the best price for your car? Regardless if you’re trading it in at Davey Auto Sales, or selling through a private sale, the steps are the same. Follow along with our experts while we help you get the best possible price for your car, truck, or SUV.

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Gather Relevant Information

Setting reasonable expectations will help get you in the right frame of mind to set a price. A lot of people confuse sentimental value with actual retail value, leading them to set their asking price too high. Resources like Kelley Blue Book can give you a great starting off point for setting your vehicle’s price or giving you an idea of how much a dealership may offer you for a trade-in. Another element to consider is the popularity of the type of vehicle you’re trying to sell or trade. 

For example, a crossover SUV is likely to command more trade-in value than a compact sedan. Pickup trucks almost always have strong resale or trade-in values, depending on its overall condition.

Get Your Car Ready to Trade-in/Sell

You probably wouldn’t spend a lot of unnecessary money on a vehicle that was covered in dents, scratches or otherwise filled with garbage. Neither will anyone else. When you’re getting your vehicle ready to sell or trade in, that is the time to do a deep clean. It might even be worth having it professionally detailed, depending on its condition. Getting out as many upholstery stains as possible will go a long way with buyers

Minor mechanical repairs are also well-advised at this time. However, major overhauls aren’t always advised because the return on investment isn’t always there. Be sure to follow local laws regarding these disclosures of condition.

Shop Your Trade Around

While things have largely normalized in the used vehicle industry, a lot of dealerships are still looking to expand their pre-owned vehicle inventory, potentially giving you an advantage. Obviously, we think Davey Auto Sales will give you the best possible deal as well as world-class customer service. Either way, it’s not a bad idea to get a couple of appraisals to see compare and contrast.

Make an appointment with Davey Auto Sales today if you have questions about trading in your current vehicle or getting an on-site appraisal.

Mar 24th, 2023