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Find New Ways to Shave a Few Dollars Off Your Insurance Costs

How Do You Find Cheaper Car Insurance in Ontario?

Dealing with the rising costs of goods and services is just part of our lives now. Every sector is affected by inflation, and that definitely includes the automotive industry and the various businesses that support it. One of the many benefits of buying a used vehicle is that it’s often less expensive to insure than a brand-new model. However, that gap is closing. If you are looking for ways to find cheaper car insurance around Ontario, Davey Auto Sales has a few tips that might help you in that search. Follow along with us below.

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Talk With a Broker to Find New Options

Car insurance providers are like any other business; they want new customers, and they have interesting ways to attract them. Working with an insurance broker could be a great way to find a new customer rate on a more competitive policy. Comparison shopping is the most efficient way to find this information.

Update Your Coverage

If you took out a loan to buy your current car, truck or SUV, you were likely required to take out a comprehensive policy covering collision and full liability. Depending on your situation, if your loan has been paid off, you might not need all of that coverage anymore. By decreasing coverage to only what is required by Ontario law, you could save a significant amount of money each year.

Look for Bundles and Discounts

Among the most overlooked ways to find discounts is to bundle your car insurance policy with other types of insurance. Some popular bundles will lump your auto policy with:

  • Renter’s insurance
  • Homeowners insurance
  • Boat/ATV insurance

Try to Prevent Theft and Vehicle Break-ins

Vehicle thefts and break-ins cost consumers a lot of money every year. Naturally, this can cause insurance premiums for everyone to increase. Basic preventative measures like parking your car in a secured garage or in a well-lit area are great but might not be enough. Ask your insurance broker if installing things like an engine immobilizer, car alarm, or steering wheel locks would help defray the cost of monthly or annual insurance premiums.

Davey Auto Sales is ready to help you find new ways to make owning a pre-owned vehicle easier and more affordable as possible. Make an appointment with one of our product experts today.

Sep 12nd, 2023